Breaker Loader-wheel Loader Mounted Hydraulic Breaker

Breaker Loader-wheel Loader Mounted Hydraulic Breaker

hydraulic breaker can be used to break brick structure, rocks, frozen earth, concrete, slag, cement road suface, pier,building etc

Hydraulic breakers provide high impact energy for exceptional performance in a variety of rock and concrete demolition applications. A simple design with minimal moving parts and “accumulator-free” technology provides you a superior product with long life and low operating costs.

Features and Benefits

  • High impact breaking power delivered through a combination of hydraulic and nitrogen gas energy

  • Hydraulic cushioning and anti-blank firing design helps prevent damage to the breaker for maximum reliability and long life

  • “Accumulator-free” design for less hassle and maintenance cost.

hydraulic breaker
breaker loader
loader mounted breaker

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