Heavy Duty Rock Buckets For Wheel Loaders

Heavy Duty Rock Buckets For Wheel Loaders

Applicate to MINING: Gold, Copper, Lead, Limestone, Iron Ore, Basalt, and more...

Heavy Duty Rock Buckets for Wheel Loaders are designed and built to provide years of productive use, and are backed by the best service in the industry.

Heavy Duty Rock Buckets are available as straight edge, spade nose v-edge or spade nose clip v-edge systems. A wide range of teeth, bolt on cutting edges, lip shrouds, edge systems and sidebar shrouds are available.


  • A wide range of protective liner plating is available.

  • Heavy Duty Rock Buckets are designed around each machine and application. With capacities ranging from 1.00 cubic yard to 20.00 cubic yards, we can build the rock bucket to meet your specific needs.

  • The shorter floor of the Heavy Duty Rock Bucket enables the machine to more quickly and easily attain full bucket load.

rock buckets
heavy duty buckets
heavy duty rock buckets

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