Log And Lumber Grapple For Wheel Loaders

Log And Lumber Grapple For Wheel Loaders

Single top clamp for easy handling of logs, lumber, and pallets.


Log and Lumber Forks are a combination grapple and fork rack attachment. With a hook-type profile and heavy duty box construction, the overarm provides excellent stability and holding characteristics when handling tree length or short wood. When folded back, the overarm enables maximum lifts of lumber to be handled without interference.


  • Heavy duty box type construction on overarm weldment

  • Proven hook-type profiled curvature on overarm

  • Enclosed dual cylinders on overarm

  • High strength tubular construction on fork rack frame


  • Increased stability and load handling capabilities for either shortwood or tree length applications

  • Profile provides excellent tree length holding characteristics, yet when folded up allows for pallet or lift carrying applications

  • Dual cylinders supply positive holding force, yet are not susceptible to damage

  • Tubular construction provides support and stability and maintains good visibility to load.

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