32 Tons Shipping Container Unloading Handler | Shipping Container Dumper

32 Tons Shipping Container Unloading Handler | Shipping Container Dumper

The container unloading handler LT32TS is mainly used for container loading and unloading, particularly suitable for the rotation of the goods such as soybeans, cement, sand, stone and other goods in the container in the rotation of the unloading.

When it comes to the handling and transportation of large containers, a crane or forklift is one of the most common tools needed to handle containers. Unloading processes are also hampered by limited unloading space, unloading time, unloading sites and difficult management of human and material resources. This all leads to a reduction in logistical circulation efficiency, and increases both construction and management costs.

To effectively solve all of those problems, here at Liteng, we have developed an innovative, multi-dimensional shipping container unloadin handler. Utilizing an advanced design inspired by forklifts, this container handling equipment significantly improves unloading and circulation efficiency, while reducing overall costs of container logistics companies. Technology used in this equipment effectively works around technical gaps found in rotary unloading of containers in high load conditions, and has earned us 2 invention patents and 8 utility model patents.

We offer the 32,000kg and 40,000kg multi-dimensional shipping container unloadin handler for customers to choose from in order to meet a variety of different needs. This handling equipment is primarily used for handling containers, especially rotary unloading of edible goods and construction materials, including soybeans, sand, cement, mining stones and more. Our high load rotary forklifts are able to directly unload containers from the ship using a rotary method under a rated load. In doing so, the unloading and circulation efficiency of the containers is improved. This process also reduces construction costs for unloading sites at the shipping pier, because the shipping containers full of goods can be directly sent to their destination and unloaded afterwards, instead of being placed on heavy trucks for further transportation. This equipment makes use of innovative technology that solves technical problems within the shipping industry, which has led to these unloading tools reaching international, advanced levels.


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