Liteng CE Large-Tonnage Forklift Loader for Sale

Liteng CE Large-Tonnage Forklift Loader for Sale

Product Details
Liteng Machinery is professional for its high-end products of liteng ce large-tonnage forklift loader for sale, which is high in quality, reliability, strong in durability, and reliable in performance. We are one of the professional Chinese liteng ce large-tonnage forklift loader for sale factory. Welcome to get new loader made in China from us.

Basic Info

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Product Description

The performance introduction of whole machine:

Whole machine - Powerful and Compact. Equipped with professional air-condition, single handle pilot control system, electronic control gearshift device to ensure  easy operation, Independent transmission oil and Hyd. Oil radiator improve the system stability.
Engine - Top-grade and fuel-efficient Diesel 175kw/h WEICHAI engine with multinomial patents, synthesize multilevel compound desert air filter technology, high efficiency, low noise and cooling technology, it can highlight high quality, stable and fuel-efficient advantage especially using in dusty environment.
Axle -"LITENG MACHINERY" SOMA forklift loader axle, Larger supporting weight, auto-brake when braking, perfect braking performance when running. Safe braking power reaches above to 86000N.m , effectively realize reliable braking effect. It is big revolution in reliable technology and safe technology of forklift loader, it is double guarantee of efficiency and security.
Oil pipe-Oil-pipes for high-pressure position adopts high-value and durable PARKER pipe. More reliable and durable.  It is one of spare parts which is nearly zero failure during three years.
Structure-Special material and design structure to fully improve the carrying capacity. Lift-arm increases the lower beam structure which to improve torsional ability, the operating weight reaches 46700kg and effectively improve the lateral stability of the whole machine. It is one of spare parts which is nearly zero failure during three years.
Transmission and torque converter-Adopt CAT technology fixed shaft power shift transmission system, compact structure, long service life of gear. Make the whole machine more flexible, special for the harsh quarries' working environment, It is one of spare parts which is nearly zero failure during three years.
Fork- Bigger forks and fork arm carrier, special material and special forging technology forks, the width of fork reaches 300mm. Fork slope angle reaches 18 o, effectively solve the problem of unloading slope angle and taking out the fork when the height of the stacking goods reaches 2800 mm and height of loading reaches 1680 mm
Tires-Equipped with the strongest brand " ADVANCE" tires, the tread has good wear and puncture resistances. It is one of spare parts which is nearly zero failure during three years.
LT40T Main technical performance and parameters:


Rated Power 


Overall dimension

Overall length 10200mm   
Overall width 


Overall height3880mm  
Performance parameters of entire machine
Operating weight 


Max.load in Max.lifting height 40T / 3180mm 
Rated load  40T / 3180mm  
Turning angle 32° 
Turning radius10050mm 
Wheel base 


Min.ground clearance


Haul location height≤300mm  
Climbing gradient20° 
Fuel tank capacity 420L  
Hydraulic fuel tank capacity   380L 

Dimensions of fork

L x W x H  

1800 x 400 x 100 mm  

Distance of fork≤1820mm
Specification of tire
Tire type 29.5-29-40PR