Wheel Loader Important Drive Parts

Wheel Loader Important Drive Parts

Date:Jun 12, 2017

Wheel Loader The gearbox is one of the important transmission parts of the wheel loader, which transmits the speed and torque of the engine to the final drive system,Wheel Loader change the transmission ratio between the engine and the wheel, realize the loader's forward and back-stop operation, and can realize the power to cut off to the walking device under the condition of the engine operation, Wheel Loader in order to adapt to the loader operation and the traveling need, facilitate the engine starting and parking safety.

However, in the loader work process, Wheel Loader because of improper use and maintenance of the gearbox failure rate has been high, especially in the use of strict compliance with maintenance procedures, Wheel Loader lack of timely inspection and daily maintenance, will accelerate the transmission of damage and failure of the formation, or even increase the harm of the consequences of the failure.

I. Purpose of PREVENTIVE maintenance

1, through the operation of the loader tracking inspection, Wheel Loader planned downtime, to do a good job of gearbox maintenance and repair arrangements.

2, to prevent major mechanical failures and related parts of the damage, before the failure to repair, in order to save a large number of maintenance costs.

3, so that the whole machine parts have a long service life, improve the efficiency of equipment, and maintain good working performance.

4, reduce maintenance difficulty and workload.

The common malfunction and reason of the wheel loader gearbox

1, when hanging, can not smoothly enter the gear. The reasons are:

(1) pressure valve is too low;

(2) The hydraulic pump works badly, the seal is not good;

(3) Hydraulic pipe plugging;

(4) The clutch seal ring is damaged and leaked;

(5) The suspension valve stem is not in place.

2, gearbox speed change, Wheel Loader gear off. The reasons are:

(1) Piston ring swell die;

(2) clutch friction plate burnt;

(3) The clutch return spring failure or damage;

(4) Back to the tubing road plug.

3, has hung up the block, but the loader running weak, even can not walk. The reasons are:

(1) The friction plate is badly worn and the clearance is too large;

(2) The clutch automatic emptying valve seals lax, causes the pressure to drop;

(3) Plug-shift control valve pipeline blockage;

(4) The cut-off valve can not be returned;

(5) Variable speed valve positioning spring fatigue or break, steel ball beating;

(6) The clutch piston ring, the seal ring wear is serious, causes the leakage to be serious.

4, the manipulative pressure is too low. The reasons are:

(1) The oil base of gearbox is insufficient;

(2) Oil leakage of main oil channel;

(3) transmission filter plug;

(4) The steering pump (or hydraulic pump) damage, causing serious internal leakage;

(5) Gearbox pressure regulating valve is improperly adjusted;

(6) Suspension pressure valve spring failure or break.

5, Wheel Loader the transmission automatic removal or disorderly blocking. The reasons are:

(1) The shift control valve positioning device failure, the main cause of failure is the location of steel ball wear serious, or spring failure;

(2) Shift joystick because of long-term use, the position of the rod, length changes, the proportion of the bar is inaccurate, so that the operation position of the deviation, resulting in dislocation.

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