Forklift Loader The Needs Of

Forklift Loader The Needs Of

Date:Jun 12, 2017

Load induction variable speed control system can shorten the operation cycle, reduce the fuel consumption rate of 15%, improve operational efficiency and operating economy while reducing the driving direction change or because the engine at high speed when the shift caused by the shift impact, Forklift Loader reduce the fatigue of the driver.

Loader load Sensing system can reduce the loader's demand for power to an alarming degree, equipped with electronic servo control and information system consisting of LCD screen and keyboard, which is used to display and record various information, its automatic diagnostic function records machine failure and stores all relevant information, through the code can be anti-theft Computer Management and monitoring is the 90 's the development of foreign loaders an important sign Computer Management Monitoring system can continuously manage/monitor the loader's dozens of parameters, with fault diagnosis and alarm function , can record, handle all kinds of information of loader operation, and can display the working state of the parts with liquid crystal display.

The linkage mechanism can withstand a great torque load, with excellent reliability, durability and parallel lifting mechanism similar to the operating performance of the work device can be raised in a horizontal position or lower on the pallet on the material, can be equipped with a variety of operating devices to minimize the driver from the ground to the maximum height of the bucket tilt angle adjustment.

After 3,000 hours of work, the loader will appear the instrument platform, the cab jitter phenomenon, and the jitter phenomenon more and more serious, so that the cab, Forklift Loader the whole machine also produces jitter. The chattering phenomenon causes the material weighing of the machine to be inaccurate and cannot be used properly.

1. The loader hydraulic system adopts the steering priority mode, and the pressure oil output from the steering pump is combined with the pressure oil from the working pump to supply the oil to the working device. Work pump only in the work device to withstand the load, and the steering pump not only in the working device when the load, the steering load, so the steering pump working time is relatively long, wear larger.

2, the loader in the priority valve body, Forklift Loader valve core, pressure-regulating spring and press oil, the joint action of the EF opening and closing in accordance with a certain frequency of mutual transformation, then occurs a certain frequency of vibration. Because the vibration is close to the natural vibration frequency of the instrument platform and the cab, the resonance of the instrument table and the cab is caused.

When assembling, the position of the clamp is not correct or the tube clamp is loose, leakage, will reduce the installation stiffness of high-pressure tubing, Forklift Loader so that the inherent vibration frequency of high-pressure tubing is reduced, when the natural frequency of high pressure tubing vibration and diesel engine vibration frequency, it will cause the high pressure tubing resonance phenomenon, Forklift Loader large-scale vibration and high pressure tubing in the middle or two ends of fatigue fracture.

2, the tubing in repair, during the assembly process, Forklift Loader the forced bending, so that the high-pressure tubing at the sharp bend of the stress, due to the injection of oil produced by periodic vibration and fatigue fracture; internal cracks in the tubing outside wear or manufacturing, Forklift Loader because of high working pressure (usually around 20Mpa), cause the tubing to crack and break.

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