A Little Common Sense Of Wheel Loaders

A Little Common Sense Of Wheel Loaders

Date:Jul 06, 2017


We all know that if the wheel loader can work well for a long time mainly depends on the quality of the machine, while preventive maintenance is also very important. Here we mainly talk about the purpose of the preventive maintenance.

1, By tracking check the operation of the front loader,you should have a planned downtime, then make the arrangements for maintenance and repairs of the gearbox;

2, To prevent the main mechanical failure and the related parts damaged, repair before the failure happens and you will save a lot of maintenance cost.

3, To make the machine and parts have longer service life, and improve the machine efficiency of the equipment, so that the loader can keep good work performance.

4,Preventive maintenance can surely reduce maintenance difficulty and workload.

5, When change the hydraulic oil, brake fluid, gear oil and lubricating oil, must use the model specified by the manufacturer, pay special attention to different types of brake fluid can not mix.

6, In winter (average temperature below 5 ℃), preheated before the engine starting until reach more than 30-40 degrees. Fill antifreeze to the tank(vehicles which does not use antifreeze in winter, every day when the machine doesn’t work, let the cooling water out of the water tank, engine block and heater).

7, It is strictly prohibited for users to refit the loader secretly, manufacturer will not be responsible for the quality problems caused by modified.

8, Diesel used in loader must be pure, and after at least 72 hours of precipitation, diesel brand should comply with the rules.

9, Hydraulic transmission oil used in gearbox and torque converter, hydraulic oil used in hydraulic system must be clean.

10, When the outlet water temperature of diesel engine above 60 ℃, the oil temperature above 50 ℃, it is allowed to full load operation. When operation, the water temperature and oil temperature can not exceed 95 ℃, torque converter oil temperature can not exceed 120 ℃. When oil temperature exceed allowable values due to overload operation, it should to park to cooling.

11, Diesel engine used by loader, its power is reduced with the increase of altitude, ambient temperature and relative humidity, therefore when using loader, must pay attention to the local environmental conditions. According to the requirements of the power correction table in , work out the actual power of the engine in the local condition.

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