Afraid To Buy A Renovating Machine? The Unscrupulous Merchants Are All Refurbishing

Afraid To Buy A Renovating Machine? The Unscrupulous Merchants Are All Refurbishing

Date:Jan 23, 2018

What is the refurbished machines, refurbished machines currently on the market generally divided into two categories, one is the excavator some car age longer, poor condition through the replacement of spare parts, and to deal with the appearance, after a series of treatment will be difficult to distinguish the real excavator make only superficial changes, machine and machine condition; the second is the normal use of some excavator parts in the repair process of bump and paint.

The second kind of renovation is actually good for excavators. Today we will talk about the first kind of refurbishment, because buying such excavators will bring great losses to our users. So how do we check whether a excavator belongs to a refurbishing machine?

The so-called know ourselves baizhanbudai, Xiaobian today with everybody together discuss the usual method of renovation of some businesses.

Whole machine lacquer

The painting is a kind of the most commonly used means of renovation of some businesses, some car excavator age longer, especially more than ten years of models, the paint fading is serious, some parts of rubbing after rust, the excavator, the shop will carry on the whole car polishing rust after re spray paint.

Because the price of some joint venture brand excavators at the same tonnage is higher than that of domestic excavators, some businesses will replace the brand LOGO of excavators in order to raise the price of second-hand excavators. The most common way is to refurbish some domestic models, replacing LOGO with Xugong or Liugong excavator after replacing 31 old ones with Komatsu or other joint venture brands.

In order to avoid the spray paint too bright, some businesses will use oxalic acid and other acidic liquid or water mud in the new spray paint, the purpose is to do the new corrosion paint, renovation of the old, through this series of methods, can make a more than ten years of digging machine looks like is to use only two or three years, the user is must be careful identification in the purchase of second-hand excavator.

Welding and sheet metal

Excavator in the use of the process will inevitably bump, some excavators also experienced accidents such as collapse, rollover, buried and so on, the excavator is also called the car accident, for example the sheetmetal excavator cab, the door has been severely deformed, if directly into the secondary market price will be much lower, but the replacement of the cab and door price expensive, some businesses are still willing to work on these excavators use traditional welding and sheet metal process.

Some excavators will be cracked after being exposed to bad working conditions or for a long time. For those excavators, businesses will not usually weld them outside, because this will leave obvious marks. Some businesses will choose to crack open, welding plate after the superposition from the internal incision fill after welding, weld polishing, re painting, the structural strength of such treatment arm is difficult to be guaranteed, the user must carefully observe the hope in the inspection of second-hand excavator.

Replacement nameplate

Is the nameplate directly reflects a part of the excavator information, general machine nameplate is recorded on excavator type, total quality, production date, origin and sequence number and other information, engine, pump and main control valve on the nameplate also recorded a large model, production date and other information, some businesses in order to conceal the excavator the real information will choose to replace all the nameplate.

The replacement of the nameplate is low cost, the operation is simple, the whole machine is usually riveted riveted, the engine, large pump and other large pieces of nameplate can be tore down directly to replace.

Hour meter

The working hours of excavators are designed to calculate the working hours of excavators, and the number of hours is often related to the service life of excavators. Therefore, the second-hand excavator adjustment is a common renovation method in the market.

Some experienced customers will not watch the hourglass table when they choose to buy second-hand excavators, because the meter is a simple matter for some businesses, and many second hand excavator hourly watches are no longer reliable.

Changing model features

The features of the model in this article refer to the features of the same model of the same brand, such as the -7 series and the -6 series of the Komatsu PC200, the imported and the domestic models.

With Carter 325D and 329D as an example, this is also the type of model that the merchant likes to change, and it is difficult to distinguish the Carter 325D from the 3296D after changing the standard and the series processing.

It is a technical activity to change the characteristics of different series of machines, which requires businessmen to be familiar with the models. It is hard for users to identify the second-hand excavators in this way.

Is the so-called "one foot, one upmanship, some businesses in the renovation of technology promotion, but we buy second-hand excavators look to upgrade, judging the goal models through the network or agents understand the original condition of the machine model, machine condition of second-hand excavator and comparing selected is consistent, so it can most likely to avoid purchasing refurbished machines.

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