Cause Analysis And Maintenance Treatment For Fire Extinguishing Of Excavator And Heavy Load Extinction

Cause Analysis And Maintenance Treatment For Fire Extinguishing Of Excavator And Heavy Load Extinction

Date:Jun 16, 2018


There are two common forms of the excavator's extinguishing.

Fault classification:

1. The excavator is automatically extinguished in the work of the excavator and extinguished by itself.

2. The load of the excavator is flameout, and the fire is extinguished.

The cause of the excavator's extinguishing:

1, excavator automatic self extinguishing, the common reasons are:

(1) lack of fuel to cause self extinguishing.

2. The oil road of the excavator has leakage of oil and the failure of the injection pump.

If the engine speed is gradually reduced to the black smoke, it is very likely that the oil supply is not smooth, the engine is not lubricated and the engine holds the shaft.

4. When the excavator operation is suddenly self extinguishing, it may also be that the diesel oil is not clean. It is recommended that the diesel filter element be replaced first and the fuel injector is corrected.

If the excavator is the hot car after the automatic extinguishing, and after the quenching of the machine can not start in a short time, it is likely to be a diesel pump (high pressure oil pump) or oil nozzle problem, at this time you can use cold water to wash the diesel pump, if you can fight, it is the oil pump or the oil nozzle has problems.

Engine problem: engine intake resistance is large and oil intake is blocked, resulting in self extinguishing.

Hydraulic system problem: pump pressure is too large.

Electrical problem of excavator: the control system causes automatic flameout due to receiving the wrong signal.

2. The excavator is suffocating to extinguish the fire

Generally speaking, if the excavator suddenly flameout and suppress the fire, it is necessary to do the following checks:

First, we need to check the oil supply road, check the oil supply oil is smooth, the oil road has no blocking place? It is suggested that the oil filter can be cleaned, all the filter cores can be replaced, the diesel pump is removed, and the length of the oil nozzle can be checked to about 6~7cm.

Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the engine self protection function is started due to the overload of engine or engine overheating due to the long time operation of the excavator engine.

In general, it is a fault of fuel oil road. It is suggested that check the oil leakage or oil leakage or not, check the pipe joint sealing parts to be damaged, check the filter cartridge or not, check the oil and water separator release cover or not tighten.

4. It is also a hydraulic problem to hold back the fire. The hydraulic pump is not matched with the engine power. At this time, it is necessary to use professional maintenance equipment to measure the pressure of the valve group and to use the professional equipment.

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