Container Unloading Handler Homework

Container Unloading Handler Homework

Date:May 27, 2017

Container Unloading Handler The maximum weight information is indicated on the open door of each container, such as Max Gross 32550k. It means that the box can not be more than this weight. There will also be marked the container tare Tare 3740KGS, etc.

Max Gross is the container box can withstand the maximum strength, Container Unloading Handler loading more than this limit, may occur box variant, Backplane fall off, top beam bending and other damage, resulting in all losses will be borne by the shipper. At present, most professional container terminals in China have installed automatic weighing platform, so as long as the container loading exceeds the box limit, Container Unloading Handler the wharf is refused to accept the Ark. Therefore, it is advisable to check the weight of the container box before packing to avoid unnecessary re-entry.

If the goods are really overweight and cannot be split, opt for overweight boxes. Here will be an increase in the weight of the election, General Pier/yard will ship the company's ordinary trunk stacking code together, if you want to select the special aggravating cabinet (as mentioned in the previous 20 aggravating cabinets), Container Unloading Handler the dock, the yard must be looked for, the resulting election fee is generally with the specified ark price.

Container transportation is a collaborative process involving many departments, so there are other factors to consider besides the limitation of container body.

It mainly looks at the loading of mechanical equipment of wharf and yard. Container ships rely on the dock, generally need to dock crane to carry out loading and unloading operations, and then towed to the container yard truck to hang down with the forklift. If the weight of the container exceeds the mechanical load, it will cause difficulties to the operation of the dock and the yard, Container Unloading Handler so the ship company will generally inform the port of the limited weight of the small port which is relatively backward in some equipment.

Different routes, shipping capacity is based on the order of loading and unloading port of goods and the types of exports and different heat to arrange, combined with the port of destination equipment operation load problem, the size of different routes of the cabinet is also different.

Overweight treatment method: The main shipping company overweight, the port overweight, the destination port overweight.

1. The shipping company is overweight. Container Unloading Handler Negotiate with the owner, make up for the overweight fee, and follow the normal walk.

2, the port has its own provisions of overweight. If you find overweight when entering Hong Kong, you need to negotiate with the port area, make up for the overweight fee plus manual repair fee or dig the box to reload.

3. The port of destination is overweight. General port of destination after overweight in a certain range, pay fines can be resolved; If the overweight is serious, the crane can not be loaded along the nearby port or the original road back.

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