Container Unloading Handler Maximum Strength

Container Unloading Handler Maximum Strength

Date:Oct 13, 2017

This is the container box can withstand the maximum strength, Container Unloading Handler loading more than this limit, may occur box variant, Backplane fall off, top beam bending and other damage, resulting in all losses will be borne by the shipper. At present, most professional container terminals in China have installed automatic weighing platform, so as long as the container loading exceeds the box limit, Container Unloading Handler the wharf is refused to accept the Ark. Therefore, it is recommended that you look at the weight on the container box before packing to avoid unnecessary reloading.

In the balance of space and weight. Each container ship has a certain amount of space and weight restrictions, but specifically on a certain route, Container Unloading Handler the cabin and weight is not always just a good balance of use out. Contradictions often occur in the more concentrated in the North China, the weight of the ship has arrived, the space is still a lot less, in order to make up for this loss of accommodation, shipping companies often adopt a fare increase strategy, Container Unloading Handler that is, the weight of more than how many tons after additional freight. There are also shipping companies do not use their own ships, but to buy other shipping company's cabin to transport, Container Unloading Handler the restrictions on the weight will be more stringent, because the shipping companies between the business of shipping is based on the 1teu=14tons or 16TONS standards to calculate, more than the weight of the ship.

Container ships rely on the dock, generally need to dock crane to carry out loading and unloading operations, and then towed to the container yard truck to hang down with the forklift. If the weight of the container exceeds the mechanical load, it will cause difficulties to the operation of the dock and the yard, so the ship company will generally inform the port of the limited weight of the small port which is relatively backward in some equipment.

1. In any case, when the cargo is loaded, Container Unloading Handler the weight of the goods in the box cannot exceed the maximum load of the container, that is, the total amount of the container minus the deadweight of the container. In general, the gross weight and weight will be marked on the container door.

2, each container unit weight is certain, so in the case of loading the same cargo, as long as you know the density of goods, you can determine whether the heavy goods or light goods.

3, loading to make the bottom of the load balance, especially to strictly prohibit the load center of gravity at one end of the situation.

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