Container Unloading Handler Professional Development

Container Unloading Handler Professional Development

Date:Sep 26, 2017

This paper analyzes the loading method and the transportation precautions of container shipping from the aspects of preparation work of container ship loading and unloading, container loading principle, container freight loss and container cargo management. Container Unloading Handler To help the container ship loading operations personnel to master the methods and techniques of container loading, reasonable arrangements for loading and unloading of goods to reduce the time in Hong Kong to reduce the cargo, cargo damage, while guiding the ship personnel in the transport of reasonable care of goods, improve the quality of container transport freight, Container Unloading Handler For the ship to better provide technical support to the owner, and thus ensure the safety of ship transport.

With the development of ship transport specialization, the container ship has the advantages of high efficiency of container loading and unloading, quick turnaround of ship, convenient multimodal transportation, Container Unloading Handler saving packaging cost, simple tallying procedure and low transportation cost. Container ships are also moving towards large-scale development, the current Maersk's 3E-class container ship transport capacity has reached 18000TEU (standard box). In this new situation, how to properly stowage, Container Unloading Handler to maximize the use of ship cabin capacity, reduce the empty warehouse rate is to improve the efficiency of single-ship transport one of the main ways, but also the daily work of the ship loaders direction. Ship transport management personnel should be prepared from the pre-loading and unloading work, the preparation of pre-allocation map, Container Unloading Handler cargo transport management, cargo damage caused by several reasons to protect the quality of transport of goods.

Vertical box selection: the ship should be equipped with the appropriate total longitudinal strength and draft difference, and to meet the International Maritime Organization on the bow of the blind area is not greater than 2 times the requirements of the captain. Container Unloading Handler In addition, also consider the requirements of rapid loading and unloading, Container Unloading Handler as far as possible to take the same port of cargo in different independent vertical position. The long ship type of the container ship has a negative effect on the longitudinal strength of the ship. The container ship is mostly in the arch state, and the heavy load is placed in the arch arch of the ship as much as possible. It was reported that Mitsui "MOL Comfort" container ship was in the vicinity of an outskirts of Yemen on June 17, 2011, and bad weather caused the ship to be cut off from the middle, causing the ship to sank quickly. Container Unloading Handler Analysis of the cause of the accident for the container in the vertical loading uneven resulting in the ship in the wind and waves weather conditions in the arch deformation, hull fracture caused the ship quickly sank.

Horizontal box optional: after loading should ensure that the ship is not tilting and hull torsional strength within the allowable range. When the load, Container Unloading Handler the horizontal weight of the ship is as symmetrical as possible, and if there is a slight roll after the goods, the ballast tank can be adjusted with the balance cabinet. Different container containers in the horizontal load to pay attention to balance, to prevent the torsional strength beyond the allowable range. In addition, Container Unloading Handler the large container ship horizontal hatch covers now have 2-4 pieces, pay attention to the form of the hatch cover for the special requirements of the container stowage to prevent the pressure box to produce inverted storage.

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