Container Unloading Handler Reload Operation

Container Unloading Handler Reload Operation

Date:Jun 26, 2017

Each container has a maximum weight on the open door, such as MAX GROSS: 30480KGS. Meaning that your box can not be more than the weight of this box. Tare - 20GP: 2200KGS, 40: 3.720-4200KGS, Container Unloading Handler some HQ will have some MAX GROSS: 32000KGS.

This is the maximum strength that the container box can withstand. Container Unloading Handler The load exceeds this limit, which may cause damage to the box, floor loss, bending of the roof beam, etc., and all losses resulting from the loader will be borne by the loader. At present, most of the domestic professional container terminals are equipped with automatic weighbridge, so, as long as the container loading beyond the box limit, Container Unloading Handler the terminal is refused to cover the cabinet. It is recommended that you before packing, see the container box on the weight limit, in order to avoid unnecessary reloading reloading operations.

If the goods are indeed overweight and can not be divided, then you can choose overweight box. This will increase the cost of the election, the general terminal / yard will be the company's ordinary dry box stacking together, if you want to choose one of the special heavy cabinet (as mentioned earlier 20 'increase cabinet), Container Unloading Handler the terminal / yard must One by one to find, resulting in the election fee is generally the same with the specified cabinet fee.

Container transport is a multisectoral collaborative process, so there are a number of other factors that need to be considered, in addition to the limits of the container box itself.

In balance between accommodation and weight. Each container ship has a certain degree of accommodation and weight restrictions, but in a particular route, the class and the weight is not always just a good balance run out. The contradictions are often concentrated in the heavy goods in the North China region, Container Unloading Handler the ship's weight has arrived, the space is still much less, in order to make up for this loss, the shipping companies tend to take the fare increase strategy, that is, more than the number of tons of goods after the additional freight The There are shipping companies not to use their own ship, but to buy other shipping companies to transport the space, Container Unloading Handler the weight limit will be more stringent, because the shipping between the shipping companies are in accordance with 1TEU = 14TONS or 16TONS standard to calculate , More than the weight of not to the ship.

Booking, the latest shipment will be asked to the freight forwarding on the issue of the company's weight limit. If there is no confirmation and the goods are heavy goods, Container Unloading Handler then there is a risk, and some shipping companies overweight, there will be no room for communication, directly to the shipper drag the goods \ out of Hong Kong and then re-weighing. These costs may go to the sea.

Container ships docked, the general need to dock the crane for loading and unloading operations, and then dragged the truck to the container yard and then forklift hanging down. Container Unloading Handler If the weight of the container exceeds the mechanical load, it will cause difficulties in the operation of the terminal and the yard. Therefore, for some small vessels with relatively backward equipment, the shipping company will generally inform the port of the weight limit in advance.

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