Container Unloading Handler Safe Distance

Container Unloading Handler Safe Distance

Date:Oct 09, 2017

There may be box deformation, Container Unloading Handler the floor off, the top beam bending and other damage, the resulting loss will be borne entirely by the loader. At present, most domestic professional container terminals are equipped with automatic weighbridge, so, as long as the container loading beyond the box limit, the terminal is refused to cover the cabinet. So it is recommended before packing, see the container box on the weight limit, in order to avoid unnecessary reloading reloading operations.

If the goods are indeed overweight and can not be divided, Container Unloading Handler then you can choose overweight box. This will increase the election fee, the general terminal / yard will be the company's ordinary dry box stacking together, if you want to choose one of the special heavy cabinet (as mentioned in front of the 20 increase cabinet), the terminal, yard must be one by one Find, resulting from the election fee is generally the same with the specified cabinet fee.

Container ships docked, the general need to dock the crane for loading and unloading operations, and then dragged the truck to the container yard and then forklift hanging down. If the weight of the container exceeds the mechanical load, it will cause difficulties in the operation of the pier and the yard. Therefore, for some small vessels with relatively backward equipment, the shipping company will generally inform the port in advance of the limit, beyond this limit.

This paper analyzes the loading method and the transportation precautions of container shipping from the aspects of preparation work of container ship loading and unloading, container loading principle, container freight loss and container cargo management. To help the container ship loading operations personnel to master the methods and techniques of container loading, reasonable arrangements for loading and unloading of goods to reduce the time in Hong Kong to reduce the cargo, cargo damage, Container Unloading Handler while guiding the ship personnel in the transport of reasonable care of goods, improve the quality of container transport freight, For the ship to better provide technical support to the owner, and thus ensure the safety of ship transport.

Dangerous goods box loading requirements: before loading check whether the dangerous goods suit certificate, in strict accordance with the requirements of the international dangerous stowage stowage. Dangerous goods should be far from the crew life and frequent work area, and heat, fire and other dangerous goods to maintain a safe distance. Container Unloading Handler To meet the cabin surface load conditions should be accumulated in the deck of the appropriate location to meet the special circumstances of the demand for goods. Containers containing marine pollutants should be selected as far as possible in the cabin, if only in the cabin capacity, should be selected on the deck above the protection or shelter good conditions of the premises, must not be installed in the outermost file.

Refrigerated container stowage requirements: freezer as far as possible in the shelter conditions close to the location of the crew cabin, in order to view the temperature. Container Unloading Handler Freezer loading is best installed on the bottom of the deck and no more than two layers, the number of rows per row can be less than the maximum number of loading, to replace the power outlet when the replacement plug.

Large, ultra-wide, ultra-high container stowage requirements: For long, ultra-high container stowage to pay special attention to the 45-foot container as far as possible in a dedicated location, or arranged on top of the top 40-foot container deck.

For the location of the ultra-high container as much as possible evenly distributed in the row of the location, to avoid the impact of hope, if installed in the cabin should pay attention to the cabin height of the stowage layer limit, to prevent the hatch can not cover.

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