Container Unloading Handler The Maximum Intensity

Container Unloading Handler The Maximum Intensity

Date:Nov 01, 2017

Container ships docked, the general need to dock the crane for loading and unloading operations, and then dragged the truck to the container yard and then forklift hanging down. Container Unloading Handler If the weight of the container exceeds the mechanical load, it will cause difficulties in the operation of the pier and the yard. Therefore, for some small vessels with relatively backward equipment, Container Unloading Handler the shipping company will generally inform the port in advance of the limit, beyond this limit. There are usually three methods of container packing: that is, all of them are manned and loaded with a forklift truck (forklift) into the box, Container Unloading Handler and then manned and all mechanically packed, such as a pallet ) Fork forklift truck in the box stacking.

1, in any case, when the goods are loaded, Container Unloading Handler the weight of the cargo loaded in the box can not exceed the maximum loading of the container, that is, the total amount of the container minus the weight of the container. Under normal circumstances, the total weight and weight will be marked on the container door.

2, the density of each container unit is a certain, Container Unloading Handler so the same kind of goods in the box, as long as the density of goods, you can determine whether the heavy or light goods.

3, the load to make the load on the bottom of the balance, in particular, should strictly prohibit the load center of gravity at the end of the situation.

4, to avoid generating a concentrated load. "If the loading machinery and equipment and other heavy cargo, the bottom of the box should be covered with wood and other cushion material, Container Unloading Handler try to disperse its load.

5, the use of human loading should pay attention to whether the packaging "can not be inverted", "flat", "vertical release" and other loading and unloading signs. Container Unloading Handler Be sure to use the loading tool correctly and do not use the hand hook.

6, loading cargo board cargo, to accurately grasp the internal dimensions of the container and the external dimensions of the packaging in order to calculate the number of loads in order to achieve the purpose of minimizing the abandonment of the goods.

7, with a forklift truck packing, will be subject to the height of the mechanical lifting height and mast height restrictions. Therefore, the conditions permit, Container Unloading Handler forklift box can be loaded two layers at a time, but up and down to leave a certain gap. In addition, it should be noted that the following goods should be covered with mats, so that the fork can be successfully pulled out.

8, the goods are best not to bare, at least to have a packaging, do not blindly to save space and cause damage to the goods. The general goods will be packaged, only such as large machines such as boilers, Container Unloading Handler building materials and the like will be more trouble, must be tied, tied to prevent loosening.

Container box can withstand the maximum strength, loading beyond this limit, may occur box deformation, the floor off, the top beam bending and other damage, Container Unloading Handler the resulting loss will be borne by all the loaders. At present, most domestic professional container terminals are equipped with automatic weighbridge, so, as long as the container loading beyond the box limit, Container Unloading Handler the terminal is refused to cover the cabinet. It is recommended that you before packing, see the container box on the weight limit, in order to avoid unnecessary reloading equipment.

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