Demand Loader Loader Scales Sales Increase

Demand Loader Loader Scales Sales Increase

Date:Sep 09, 2016

It was reported that in September China's loader sales rose 16.9%, four-quarter recovery is expected to be accelerated. 1-September of this year, cumulative sales of loader 138500 units, an increase of 159, 0.1%.

Domestic sales for September 2013 loader 10978, rose 20.4%, proportion of domestic sales to total sales of 83.3%, an increase of 2.4%. Achieved compared with a positive growth in many provinces, including Guizhou (+69%) and Sichuan (+28%), the West grew strongest in the South, (similar to the excavator), is highly dependent on coal-mining province of remarkable recovery on a low base from last year, such as Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, respectively an increase of 15%/12%. Monthly sales of the top 10 areas: Shandong (807), Henan (637), Jiangsu (524), Sichuan (516), Inner Mongolia (500), Shanxi (478), Shaanxi (453), Hebei (450), Xinjiang (394), Anhui (386).

Loader sales rose for loader scales market's development into a shot. Known, mount machine electronic scales appeared yiqian, in coal factories, and yard Terminal, and construction site, occasions, mount machine of material handling and said heavy often are is used original of, and cumbersome of method (according to estimated, and hair is or volume count of statistics approach) to implementation measurement, job extensive, bulk and handling work cannot precision measurement, to appeared series overload and lost tons problem, that caused vehicles injury, and life reduced, endanger lane security or led to freight overload of traffic punishment, Bring unnecessary economic losses for enterprises.

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