Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Date:Jun 30, 2017

Q:Why is the transmission oil temperature high?

A:There might be various reasons of the high oil temperature. The maintenance should insist on the principle of from outside to inside, from the simple to the complicated. Meanwhile, ask, exaime, check and listen to be better informed of the use and troubles of the loader and analyse the possible reasons of faults. ·Improper operation, frequent pressing accelerator, long overloading operation, long brake operation ·Check torque converter operating fluid type,oil level, clarity and whether change regualrly ·Faults caused by high water temperature in diesel engine(when starting the loader, the water temperature rises faster than the torque converter fluid temperature) ·Torque converter radiator blocked, decrease radiator expension (torque converter oil temperature excessively higher than the water temperature of diesel engine) ·Loose belt, insuficient airflow of the fan, lower water level of the water tank, the oil cooler pipe crack · Check whether the driving force of the transmission is normal. Check for the torque converter components or two-axle assembly damage in case of abnormal driving force. ·Check whether there is, steel scraps or copper scraps on the chassis aluminium scraps, torque converter axle positioner damaged, four-component intererence friction wear. When there is copper scraps,when the pressure is under 0.68Mpa, copper-based friction material abrasionsteel. scraps; overrunning clutch damage;bearing damage;gear damage. ·Transmission rotary seal damages(oil leakage when starting the engine) ·Insufficient oil in the system(throttle phenomenon occurs in certain component) ·Cavitation (whether the water purifying device is changed periodically )

Q:How to choose operating lubricate? What is the best oil temperature?

A:Transmission system common faults analysis Commonly use 6# Hydraulic transmission oil or 22# turbine oil. In the cold areas, 8# hydraulic transmission oil is recommended. A lower temperature is not better for the torque converter.The transmission oil is sticky and thus affect the efficiency in low temperature. The typical operating temperature is 80~90℃; the temperature should not below 65℃ and not above 120℃.

Q:Why does the motor emit fuel?

A:Transmission system common faults analysis The rotary seal in the connection of the wheel stand and trandfer gear is damaged.

Q:why are all the gear status of transmission lower?

A:Transmission system common faults analysis The transmission pressure is generally 1.1~1.5Mpa, and actually it also works at0.85Mpa; the pressure should not exceed 1.5Mpa (pressure reducing valve normally closed type). When starting the engine and adjusting the pressure,put the gear in netual. Trasmission faults may not be the reason. Ⅰ When the transmissin pump efficiency is low, idle speed pressure under 0.85Mpa; and when at high speed, the pressure is higher than 1.1Mpa. Ⅱ Operating valve energy accumulator spring is damaged, the throttle of energy accumulator is blocked with foreign objects. Pressure-adjustalbe lever gets heavy wear, valve stsem oil hole blocks, clearance fit larger than 0.06 mm. Ⅲ The most common low gear pressure results from the wear spring of control valve, the curtailed spring length and a obvius spring stress relexation. The spring should be checked and changed. Ⅳ A tightness difference of the speed change valve bolt and the pressure regulating piston blocking.

Q:What is the reason that a certain gear status of transmission low?

A:Transmission system common faults analysis Check from the outside to inside, from the easy to difficult and decide whether it is the variable speed pump problem. Ⅰ First check the speed change valve paper gasket, larger speed change valve clearance at this gear and shortage in oil inlet of certain gear in the gear box. Ⅱ Then check the seal ring of that gear and reverse gear box crack, 1st gear oil tank oil way inlet o-ringφ20x2.4,direct gear 311 bearing rotary position seal or positioner bolt are not in acurate positoin.

Q:Why does lubricate in lubricate box emit to the transmission?

A:Transmission system common faults analysis The reason is that the operating pump or the steering pump framework oil seal is damaged. Change the framework oil seal first and if it can not solve the problem, check seal copper sleeve of the operating pump; for the damage of the copper sleeve will cause the seal failure of the framework oil seal under the force of pressure oil. The clearance between the gear pump driving shaft and copper sleeve should be 0.035~0.045 mm and no geometry departure is permitted.

Q:Why does braking appears when we change 2nd gear to the 1st shift?

A:transmission system common faults analysis If the operating handle of shift valve is not mispositioned, the pressure oil will be filled in the 1st gear and 2nd gear while shifting of gears, which results in the inteference. And the loader will not move like being put on brake.

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