Forklift Loader Driver Safety Regulations

Forklift Loader Driver Safety Regulations

Date:Aug 30, 2017

1, the loader driver must comply with the "People's Republic of China Road Traffic Law" and the traffic safety management rules and regulations, safe driving. And comply with the project department labor management regulations and other relevant rules and regulations.

2, the daily response to the loader to do the basic inspection (such as oil, oil, brake, tire, appearance, lighting, horn fire extinguishers, etc.) and make a record. Such as failure or other circumstances, should immediately report the work area, due to inspection is not timely or not check the consequences and maintenance costs caused by the driver responsible for their own.

3, the driver should do a good job of the loader clean and sanitary work to keep the vehicle clean (including the car, the car and the engine clean).

4. The driver should park the loader in the designated position. Arbitrary placement of vehicles causing damage, theft, loss of compensation by the driver, and to be punished.

5, the driver to comply with the traffic rules, civilized driving, are not allowed to drive (including high-speed, followed, contend, etc.) are not allowed to drink driving.

6, the driver of the team's work arrangements, should be unconditional obedience, are not allowed to delay or refuse to leave, or cancel the driving qualifications.

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