Forklift Loader Efficient And Efficient

Forklift Loader Efficient And Efficient

Date:Aug 07, 2017

For the loader, the tire is a problem, will directly lead to can not continue to work efficiently, Forklift Loader or even replace only to continue to work, Forklift Loader then efficient and efficient replacement of tires for us is a very important thing, we look at See how people are changing tires.

1 start the machine, the nearest looking for a relatively flat open space, Forklift Loader press the boom lift lever, the use of arm support to the front wheel off the ground, and then support the bridge in the flash near the side of the puncture, and the rear wedge (Must be closely with the driver to avoid personal injury).

2 Use a crowbar and other tools to remove the retaining ring and lock ring and then check if the tire pad is glued to the outer surface of the rim (the tire is used for a long time and the pad and the outer surface of the rim can stick). If the withdrawal of the support can occur, so that the machine in a short distance from the slow running back and forth until the liner and the outer surface of the rim; is prohibited from turning and high speed, Forklift Loader so as not to damage the inner tube. Then, the front wheels are re-supported.

3 mark the relative position of the inner and outer tires in order to find, Forklift Loader remove foreign bodies and repair tires.

4 Use a crowbar and other tools to remove the tire from the rim. Note that the action should be gentle with the tacit understanding, to avoid being injured by the tires, Forklift Loader and to protect the valve.

5 tire tires and other slender foreign body stabbed, Forklift Loader if the surface no obvious wound or wound smaller, the tire can continue to use (because the loader tire is a low-pressure tire, Forklift Loader and the running speed is relatively slow); if the wound is larger Must be patched (because the machine is running, the tire by squeezing friction, over time will damage the inner tube, and even wound more and more, Forklift Loader inner tube prominent, resulting in tire scrapped).

6 If the new tube, the valve must be tightened at the bottom of the bolt to prevent air leakage; and then the outer tire cavity of the foreign body removed, Forklift Loader and thrown into the appropriate talcum powder, smear evenly. In order to make the pad and the inner and outer tire close, after the tube into the inner tube should be appropriate inflatable, and then into the liner.

7 to the tire mounted on the rim, fitted with a lock ring, retaining ring; Forklift Loader installation process to protect the valve.

8 inflate the tire with a car air compressor.

9 press the boom lift rod, remove the bracket; Forklift Loader thus the tire is completed, the whole process takes about 50min. When replacing the tires, another loader or other lifting equipment is required to support the rear tires, and the other programs are the same as the replacement tires.

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