Heavy material handling equipment factory Management

Heavy material handling equipment factory Management

Date:May 27, 2017

Heavy material handling equipment factory In order to strengthen the company's forklift, forklift unified management, the correct use of forklifts, forklifts, to avoid safety accidents, reduce vehicle failure rate, reduce vehicle maintenance costs, to play the forklift, forklift maximum use efficiency, special this system. 2 Scope This system applies to the company forklift, forklift and driving personnel, Forklift Loader the use of departments and related departments.

3 Responsibilities

3.1 Personnel responsible for forklift, forklift driver recruitment and training work.

3.2 The Purchasing department is responsible for the purchase and contact of forklift trucks and forklifts, and is responsible for the internal maintenance of forklifts and forklifts and the procurement of spare parts.

3.3 Production Department is responsible for forklift, Forklift Loader forklift and driving personnel scheduling, management.

4 Administrative regulations

4.1 Forklift, Forklift is the company's important handling equipment, designated by the company to drive. Management, daily maintenance by the designated personnel responsible for the vehicle keys and vehicle tools by the establishment of the custody, not at will to lend to others to use. Forklift Loader In case of loading and unloading operation, the driver should cooperate actively.

4.2 Driving personnel must undergo professional technical training and obtain the relevant work qualification certificate to be able to mount, no license personnel strictly prohibit driving forklift.

4.3 Without the company's arrangements, Forklift Loader drivers are not allowed to teach others to drive forklifts, forklifts.

4.4 Forklift, forklift before use, should be strictly inspected, strictly prohibited with the fault out of the car, start, pay attention to observe the surrounding environment, to ensure safety after the start.

.4 forklift, the forklift truck must obey the traffic rules, comply with the company speed limit stipulation, speed should not exceed 15km, prohibit high speed traffic, Forklift Loader in and out of production area, narrow passageway, intersection, loading and unloading operation, densely populated areas, reversing, etc. not exceeding 5km per hour, while strengthening lookout, honking horn and driving cautiously.

4.5 while driving, other personnel may not sit in the forklift driver phonetic, more can not be used to transport people or carry out other work unrelated to forklift, Forklift Loader forklift operation.

4.6 After the completion of the operation of the vehicle parked in the designated location, pull out the key, and the vehicle necessary to clean up the inspection.

4.7 Forklift, forklift driver should be responsible for the vehicle inspection, and truthfully fill out the inspection record form. Detailed See "Forklift Inspection record table" "Forklift Inspection record sheet" 4.8 pay attention to maintenance work, regularly on the vehicle maintenance. Detailed See "Forklift Maintenance Specification" "Forklift Maintenance Specification"

4.9 The driver is responsible for the general maintenance and repair of forklifts and forklifts, and it is necessary to fill out the application form in time for external repairs.

4.10 In case of safety accident, the driver should report in time, describe the accident, the cause of the accident and the loss caused, identify the accident responsibility, sum up the lesson of the accident, and deal with the responsible person according to the relevant system.

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