Forklift Loader Measures

Forklift Loader Measures

Date:Oct 13, 2017

Loader driving, operator to the terrain that has been found, pedestrians, vehicles and other traffic conditions change, or expected to appear in the complex situation, the purpose of the use of deceleration or parking measures, known as predictive braking. Predictive braking not only ensures safe driving, Forklift Loader but also avoids damage to parts and tires. Therefore, this is one of the best and often used braking methods.

1, deceleration braking; it is in the shift lever in the work position, the main use to reduce the engine speed limit loader speed, generally used before parking, change low-grade before, Forklift Loader downhill and through the uneven area used. The method is to find out the situation, the first to relax the accelerator pedal, the use of low speed engine to divert speed, so that the loader deceleration, Forklift Loader and according to the situation continuously or intermittently light pedal brake, so that the loader further reduce the speed.

2. Parking brake: Use when stopping. The method is: Relax the accelerator pedal, when the loader speed reduced to a certain extent, that is, the clutch pedal, while tapping the brake pedal, Forklift Loader so that the loader stationary parking.

Loader in the travel emergency, the operator quickly use the brakes, in the shortest distance to the loader to stop, to avoid accidents, known as emergency braking. Emergency braking on the loader of the machine parts, tires will cause greater damage, and often due to the left and right wheel braking moment inconsistent, or left and right wheel and road surface adhesion difference, will cause the loader "run bias", "sideslip", Forklift Loader Lose direction control. Therefore, emergency braking can only be used in case of necessity. The operation method is to grip the steering wheel, quickly relax the accelerator pedal, push down the brake pedal, Forklift Loader and tighten the hand brake lever, give full play to the brake maximum braking force, so that the loader immediately suspended.

Loader use emergency braking, the wheel to embrace death, this often appears rear wheel sideslip, causing the loader violently slewing vibration, serious can make the loader turn around, especially on the road with poor adhesion (such as ice and snow, muddy road, etc.), more common and obvious. Forklift Loader In order to prevent and mitigate the rear wheel sideslip, the following measures can be adopted for the loader training:

1, the use of "interval braking" operation method, so that the wheel as far as possible not to hold dead or less. Its concrete operation method is: The left foot uses the biggest force to step down the brake pedal, try to brake the wheel in a short period of time, start to hold the dead moment, Forklift Loader and then immediately weaken the force acting on the pedal (not completely relax the brake pedal) to prevent the wheel from clinging to death or sideslip; then, push the brake pedal hard, and try to hold the wheel in a short time. Weaken the force acting on the pedal. So repeated operation, the loader can get better braking effect, and can reduce sideslip.

2. When the sideslip is found, Forklift Loader stop the brake immediately and turn the steering wheel toward the wheel in the direction of Sideslip. When the loader position is adjusted, the steering wheel is smoothly shifted to the normal driving position.

When reversing, you should first observe the surrounding terrain, vehicles, pedestrians, when necessary to get off view, issued a reversing signal, honking to warn pedestrians; Reversing, the speed should not be too fast, to stabilize the pedal, not quickly and slowly, to prevent the flameout or reversing too fierce accident.

Reversing change, to turn the car tail to the left, Forklift Loader the steering wheel also turn left; Bay to turn, fast turn, bay slow turn, slow turn. To grasp the "slow-moving, fast-turn '" Operation Essentials. Because of reversing the turn, the outside front wheel track driving radius is larger than the rear wheel, therefore, in the direction of care, loader training to remind special attention to the front wheel and the working device to scrape other objects or obstacles.

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