Forklift Loader Pressure

Forklift Loader Pressure

Date:Jul 20, 2017

For the brake system to provide a stable pressure, and control the filling pressure, flow, Forklift Loader so that the excess hydraulic oil flow to other systems to ensure the reliability of the braking system.

The main control element of the system is the pressure reducing valve,Forklift Loader which makes the system high pressure oil enter the wheel brake after decompression. In order to facilitate the operation, the turning angle of the brake valve is proportional to the output pressure, Forklift Loader and the loader is double circuit brake valve.

 In addition to the conventional wet brake system, Carter has introduced a compound braking system on its associated electric motor and fully automatic transmission case, which combines the downshift and neutral control logic On the left side of the brake pedal, Forklift Loader so that the foot brake valve flip angle and output brake pressure and the main controller associated with the machine, as shown in Figure: When the pedal flip in the A area when the machine is only ordinary driving brake, And in the B area when the main controller to send instructions to reduce the engine output, C zone when the gearbox will automatically stalls the file position, cut off the power output, Forklift Loader thereby reducing the axle oil temperature and extend the life of the brake, reducing the use of cost.

 The other is in the foot brake valve plus electric control power cut off the valve switch, when the work, the operator will switch open, brake at the same time through the shut-off valve cut off the transmission power output, reduce the braking torque, the system to reduce Power loss. Forklift Loader And in the ordinary driving switch off, the brake does not cut off the power output. But at work in the field the operator may forget to turn the switch on, leaving it ineffective.

  Loader in the overhaul can be sent to the big use, clean up the scene garbage, handling equipment and other materials are inseparable from it. Forklift Loader Loader team members like to treat their children like to care for it, do daily maintenance and other matters to protect the car's performance is good, improve operational efficiency.

Overhaul period is the peak of the use of loaders, although the factory has 7 loaders available, but the total feeling is not enough. In order to achieve the purpose of using reasonable and efficient, loader classes during the overhaul "tailored" a set of methods. First, according to the priorities of the car, although where to go where, but also to distinguish between primary and secondary, grab time, Forklift Loader security progress. Second, Forklift Loader pay attention to "economic operation", in the car before asking to clear the scene weight, easy to choose different types of loaders, to save the cost of the effect; Third, timely maintenance, frequent use of vehicles, will inevitably lead to improved failure rate. To this end, they take the initiative to give up the rest time, Forklift Loader in a timely manner to the vehicle maintenance, lay the foundation for the next work.

During the maintenance period, they caught the needle, Forklift Loader clean up the coal field and coal transportation and other work site environmental health. In the night to clean up the large tube tube accumulation work, they are not idle for a moment, while responsible for the transport of materials, while the use of clearance time, Forklift Loader to powder station stone, phosphogypsum and other raw materials to ensure the normal operation of cement mill The Sometimes, Forklift Loader just ready to sit down and rest, the phone called, they apart from anything else, boarding to the destination.

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