Forklift Loader The Idea

Forklift Loader The Idea

Date:Jun 26, 2017

Quality, Forklift Loader integrity of the word is our philosophy, we strictly in accordance with the requirements of enterprises and labor units and the market, orientation, Forklift Loader capacity enrollment, scientific development of training programs, in the short term not only to learn to dig digging pit, digging straight groove, cylindrical Construction, rain, snow construction, night construction, etc. more than 30 basic construction, but also let you learn the country's unique difficult special conditions, security skills, clever, Forklift Loader and so on. Such as obstacles and other training.

Hydraulic torque converter does not work usually caused by the lack of engine power, one-way clutch slip, oil pressure is not enough or no oil, flexible connection plate to connect the bolt cut off several reasons.

(1) First, check the torque converter zero speed conditions. Slam the brake, Forklift Loader so that the torque converter output shaft speed is zero, so that the engine throttle fully open (not more than 30s), record the actual engine speed, and the recommended engine speed comparison, if the engine speed is lower than the recommended engine speed, Indicating that the engine power is insufficient or the one-way clutch slip (can not be locked), should further check the engine power in order to make a judgment on the two; if the actual engine speed is higher than the recommended engine speed, indicating that the transmission one-way clutch slip, Forklift Loader or The torque of the torque converter is insufficient and can be further determined by checking the pressure.

(2) Second, test the import pressure. Remove the inlet pressure test plug mounted on the torque converter and install the oil pressure gauge to test it. Check the way: in the engine throttle fully open, torque converter output shaft zero speed conditions, then the torque converter inlet pressure is the lowest O.35MPa, up to 0.54MPa; in the engine throttle fully open, torque converter no load Case, Forklift Loader the maximum allowable working pressure of 0.85MPa, generally can not exceed the specified limit. Such as when the pressure is low or no pressure, indicating hydraulic pump failure, or hydraulic oil block.

(3) If the inlet pressure is normal, Forklift Loader then the one-way clutch wheel is not working properly. Whether the guide wheel work is normally checked can be observed by observing the speed of the oil temperature drop. Check the method: the torque converter output shaft zero speed conditions, the engine throttle fully open, so that the torque converter outlet oil temperature rose to 100 ℃, Forklift Loader and then release the torque converter output shaft, the output speed to reach the maximum, immediately Check the oil temperature drop speed, the temperature should begin to drop after 15s. A slow temperature drop indicates that the guide wheel may be latched and the one-way clutch is free. If the temperature drops rapidly, then the guide wheel is working properly.

(4) In addition, if the transmission does not work, check whether the elastic connection plate connection bolt is cut off. Through the observation hole to see if the torque converter is working, Forklift Loader or manipulate the work and steering system to see if there is no action. If it is not working or no action, the fault may be the elastic connection plate connection bolt cut off.

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