New heavy material handling equipment Use The Process

New heavy material handling equipment Use The Process

Date:Jul 06, 2017


In fact, new heavy material handling equipment this product is mainly used to shovel the soil, gravel, lime and other items, so its operating environment is very bad, if used improperly, then there will be damage. In particular, Forklift Loader the new rub products to buy, in the course of the use should be a period of time with the run-in period, new heavy material handling equipment at least more than 200 hours, in the 200 hours of time, Forklift Loader to start a file, but also often check the brake oil,  Forklift Loader Whether the normal water tank, if not normal to replace the loader will cause damage to the loader after the run-in period to replace the oil.

Although the new product is bought, but in the course of the use, but also can not carelessly, a lot of Jining loader in the run-in period will be a lot of problems, in the face of this situation, then you need to manufacturers to replace.

First of all, we need to know is that in the use of it in the process, you need to know, Forklift Loader it is best to always check the air filter, if the above lights become red, Forklift Loader then you need special attention, and the best Is able to do a good job in time to prepare for the maintenance, Forklift Loader it is best to be able to view all the accessories and maintenance, and then in a timely manner to do the cleaning operations, Forklift Loader and then look at the attention, the main observation of its above did not appear Obstruction, Forklift Loader damage and leakage of the phenomenon, if it is a damaged place, Forklift Loader then you need special attention.

Usually pay attention to conservation will extend its service life, there is the quality of accessories is also particularly important, Forklift Loader good manufacturers to produce a good product, a good selection of accessories than the regular repair is much better, not only to cut costs, and not Will delay the operating time.

Speaking of its choice, the first need to pay attention to is the model, then need to pay attention to the job will be based on the occasion to select and determine the general use of this product it is mainly used in the quarry and soft base, so the best Is selected with a tire loader with anti-skid chains. Second, Forklift Loader we also need to pay attention to the braking performance, Forklift Loader generally each product will have a number of brake, parking brake and emergency brake three, requiring the brake drive mechanism generally use afterburner, the power source of compressed air, these In the selection process are particularly need attention.

In the daytime, Forklift Loader choose a suitable product is very important, so that the use of the process, in order to meet people's requirements, Forklift Loader hope that the majority of users in the choice of time, to pay special attention to the above problems.

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