Forklift Loader Use The Process

Forklift Loader Use The Process

Date:Jul 28, 2017

In fact, this product is mainly used to shovel the soil, Forklift Loader gravel, lime and other items, so its operating environment is very bad, if used improperly, then there will be damage. In particular, Forklift Loader the new rub products to buy, in the course of the use of a period of time should have a run-in period, at least more than 200 hours, in the 200 hours of time, to start a file, but also often check the brake oil,Forklift Loader Whether the normal water tank, if not normal to replace the loader will cause damage to the loader after the run-in period to replace the oil.

Although the new product is bought, Forklift Loader but in the course of the use, but also can not carelessly, a lot of Jining loader in the run-in period will be a lot of problems, Forklift Loader in the face of this situation, then you need to manufacturers to replace.

First of all, we need to know is that in the course of the use of the wheel lift,Forklift Loader so, if there is a connection of the wrong phenomenon, then the use of the process is not dangerous. The second is in the harsh working conditions, ventilation difficult place operations, you need to force the controller to force ventilation, so that it can be a good way to reduce the damage occurs, when it is in load, Forklift Loader the goods center of gravity and load center in the same When the vertical line, the forklift can load and unload the maximum weight of the goods, Forklift Loader known as the maximum weight of the forklift.

In the process of repair and maintenance of the loader, Forklift Loader it is necessary to pay attention to it to disassemble it, but if the demolition is not correct, Forklift Loader then it will cause serious harm to the product itself, then its step is what? Let us know the following specific about it!

When it is in the process of repair it, Forklift Loader you need to know that the need to reducer stand up, so that the motor up, do the demolition of the motor preparation work, Forklift Loader when the demolition of the plum pull, you can also turn the reducer, In addition, put the tubing up, remove the addition, Forklift Loader put the tubing fixed bolt and barrel oil screw, remove the plus, Forklift Loader put the tubing, remove the plum blossom fixed bolts.

The above maintenance methods do not know whether you know it? In life, Forklift Loader only to maintain it in order to extend its life, so as to better play the product performance.

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