How Can The Hot And Hot Engineering Machinery And Equipment Be Cooled Down And Heatstroke Prevented?

How Can The Hot And Hot Engineering Machinery And Equipment Be Cooled Down And Heatstroke Prevented?

Date:Jun 16, 2018

Hot summer, construction machinery and equipment will be more prone to hidden dangers. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance in summer is of great significance to the safe use of construction machinery under high temperature environment and the prolonging of the service life of the whole machine.

The following are the possible failures and emergency treatment plans for construction machinery under high temperature environment and how to do routine maintenance for construction machinery in summer.

Faults in high temperature environment

1. Failure of hydraulic system

In the high temperature environment, the hydraulic system often appears the failures of the tube, the leakage of the joint, the destruction of the coil of the solenoid valve, the death of the hydraulic valve and the big noise, and the accumulator's system can cause the damage of the accumulator because of the high temperature of the hydraulic oil.

Due to heat expansion and cold shrinkage of metal in summer, it is easier to cause the crack of the outer skin and cause the short circuit fault. The electrical components in the control cabinet are also prone to failure in the high temperature season. The key control parts, such as industrial control machine and PLC, may also appear to be dead, slow running and control failure.

2. Failure of lubricating system

Construction machinery works for a long time under high temperature, which will result in poor performance of lubricating system, metamorphic oil, easy wear of the chassis and other transmission systems, and will affect the appearance of paint, brake system, clutch, throttle control system and metal structure.

3. Engine failure

Under the high temperature condition, the engine is easy to cause the engine to "open the pot", which reduces the viscosity of the engine oil, leads to the failure of the cylinder and tile, and reduces the output power of the engine at the same time.

The continuous high temperature is more stringent on the permeability of the radiator. It needs the high load operation of the cooling system, which reduces the life of the parts of the cooling system fan and pump. It is easy to cause the failure of the air conditioner compressor and the fan.

4, other parts malfunction

In summer, if the temperature is high and the humidity is large, if the battery is blocked by the air hole, it will cause the explosion due to the increase of the internal pressure. In the high temperature environment, the tire wear will not only aggravate, but also cause the tire burst because of the increase of the internal pressure.

The driving tape will grow longer in the summer, which leads to the slipping of the transmission and the acceleration of wear and tear. The failure to adjust the belt will cause the fault of the tape rupture. The small cracks in the glass of the cab will cause the cracks to be enlarged and even burst in the summer because of the big difference of temperature or splash between the inside and outside.

Emergency treatment scheme for high temperature fault

1, engine emergency treatment plan

"Open pot" is one of the most common faults caused by high temperature in engineering machinery. When the water temperature is too high, it should not be in a hurry to open the heat sink of the water radiator, and the water should be made up after the natural cooling.

When the engine is "open", we should stop the operation immediately, let the engine run at idle speed for a few minutes. When the water temperature drops and is no longer boiling, the water radiator cover is soaked with towels, and a part of the water radiator cover is unscrewed carefully and the water vapor is released. After the water vapor is released, all the water radiator cover is turned out.

2. How to add the coolant

When adding coolant, it is best to add the same type of coolant in the water radiator, and wait until the water temperature drops to about 70 degrees.

Should take "step by step water injection" gradually cooling, and can not be too quick to add water, that is, when adding water to the engine idle speed, one side slowly filling, in order to ensure the safety of the operators and equipment.

3. The overheating process of the brake

When the brake is overheated, the engine can not be washed directly with cold water. The direct cold water to the engine may cause damage to some parts of the engine's internal parts, and may even blow up the engine block, cylinder liner and other components. This will reduce its life and performance, so it is necessary to shut down and cool down naturally.

Maintenance measures for equipment operation in summer

1, do a good job of construction machinery prophase maintenance

In summer, it is best to do a comprehensive maintenance and maintenance for the engineering machinery, to maintain the equipment and components that are prone to high temperature failures; replace the three filters and oil for the engine, replace or adjust the tape to check the reliability of the fans, pumps, generators, compressors and maintenance, Repair or replace.

Improve the viscosity grade of the oil and check whether the cooling system and the fuel system are unobstructed; and replace the aging wire, plug and hose, check and fasten the fuel line to prevent oil leakage; clean up the oil pollution and dust of the engine fuselage to ensure that the engine is "light in array", and the heat dissipation is good.

2. Key maintenance and maintenance methods in summer construction

1, engine oil and all parts of the oil need to replace the use of oil in summer, oil suitable; often check whether there is oil leakage, especially fuel, should be timely supplemented.

2, the battery liquid needs to be supplemented in time, the charging current is properly reduced, the circuit joint needs to be firmly reliable, the aging line needs to be replaced, and the fuse capacity should meet the safety requirements. The equipment should be randomly equipped with fire extinguishers.

3, equipment as far as possible in a cool place, to avoid exposure to sunlight. Reduce the tire pressure properly and guard against the blowout.

4. Pay attention to the damage of rainwater and dust to equipment. The radiator of the hydraulic system should be cleaned regularly, so that it can maintain good heat dissipation effect. Avoid long time overload operation. The overheating of the brake and other places is strictly prohibited by water.

5. Check the flexibility of the steel structure, transmission box and axle of the equipment. If there are small cracks to prevent the high temperature in summer, it is necessary to remove the rust, repair and brush the paint in time so as to avoid much rain in summer and lead to the aggravation of corrosion.

The maintenance of engineering machinery and equipment, especially in the high temperature environment in summer, should follow the principle of timely and reasonable, in order to improve the performance of the equipment and adapt to the high temperature and working conditions of the outside world. Track and manage the equipment, understand and grasp the dynamic performance of the equipment in time, and formulate specific measures for different equipment when specific operation is carried out.

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