How To Buy A Secondhand Loader

How To Buy A Secondhand Loader

Date:Jan 12, 2018

How to choose a second-hand loader

1. Choose and purchase machines according to the construction situation:

At present, the domestic used loaders mainly have 8~30 tons of more than 10 kinds of products with different tonnage. The user's economic status and the construction situation that will be faced is the most important basis for selecting machines. What kind of working conditions decide which machine can bring the largest input output ratio.

First of all, for pavement construction and large coal mine, due to the heavy workload, long period, more spacious working environment, transport machinery which is matched with the load in more than 10 tons, then should select 5 or 6 tons deadweight of the loader, which can improve the working efficiency and reduce the construction cost. As for the amount of work is relatively small occasions, such as earth, sand and so on general can choose 3 or 4 tons deadweight products, for the amount of work is very small, such as some small individual sand and gravel, supporting vehicles for small tractors, generally choose 1.5 tons or less products in order to avoid excess loading machine work ability, so as to achieve economic and practical purposes.

Again, the loader that determines the corresponding driving speed according to the working condition. For loose ore, high density or low density solid soil such as soil, coke etc., because of the different operating conditions, the loader selection also has a big difference.

For those solid raw soil, ore and other high density materials, due to the traction force (insertion force) the demand is higher, should choose a lower working speed, digging force and traction were larger in order to ensure the normal use of the product. Because the requirements of the loose material to the loader's traction force (insertion force) are not high, it is possible to choose a higher driving product to achieve higher efficiency.

2, two mobile phone market looking for "baby":

There are a number of second-hand loader market, the market some machine in good condition of the machine, but not a pair of "piercing eye", accidentally "wrong", but the loss makes users heartache.

Enter a two mobile phone market, face the dazzling machine, which is your "true love"? Which may be the "trap" of the seller? One is supposed to be a fair and transparent market, but users have to conduct a series of conspiracy game. Give yourself copies of data book, Qucuqujing, win glory in battle, with their satisfaction with the machine back, is the ultimate goal of the user.

Below is a summary of what to pay attention to to buy a used forklift.

1, appearance: spray paint car resolutely not. You have to believe that you are not that good luck. The appearance and the new machine are good, the sales chamber will sell you at such a low price? Even if the machine is real, I'm afraid we have been snatched. Pay attention to the number of the whole car, the engine number, the frame number, the bridge number, the Liugong car and the cab number. For example, the car's frame number is at the back of the left front fender, where it is painted with white paint. Under normal conditions, the number of the components will not be separated too long, generally not more than 3 months, more than too long, it is necessary to consider whether it is a refurbished assembly.

2, frame: check carefully before and after the frame has cracks, welds, and lacquer. If there is, to see the position is important, in the key parts of the machine do not consider, not the key points to ask clear reasons.

3, don't just look at the tire tire: old and new, new is possible over the whole tire, tire to see what brand, remember to check; watch over the whole tire (tyre and rim around the rim slot inside), genuine tire is more smooth and tidy, retreading is generally not smooth and tidy; half of tire retreading is relatively easy to see. The old tires have to look at the teeth, there are no openings on the edge, the size of the opening, or not. It is suggested that as long as there is an opening at the edge, it will be a reason to cut down the price. It's easier to get a tire because the edge is open. You need about 7000 of the tires in the pit.

4, hydraulic box: open the refueling mouth, smell the smell of no coke, it shows high temperature. Using a ruler, drop a drop of oil on white, non reflective paper to see if there is aluminum alloy powder. It indicates that there is something wrong with the turbine. The normal oil should be clean and reddish. The best thing to do is to look at the car for half an hour. The noise should be heard. The cost of changing turboprocessing is about 2000.

5, the engine appearance should be clean, check there is no leakage of the antifreeze leak place, start a sensitive, cold car has just started there should be a slight heat without smoke, smoke, gas door slightly smoky, under normal exhaust basically do not smoke, if the smoke, should be white, if to take the blue smoke be careful, there is a little experience, is to see the engine cooling liquid is water or antifreeze, antifreeze and machine owners are compared to understand love machine machine, if possible, to see whether a clean air filter inlet, the inlet protection machines are very good clean.

6, front and back bridge, wheel edge: the train turns to listen to the sound. The price of the differential is 800, the price of the corner tooth is more than 1000, the price of the wheel is more than 1000, and the time fee is about 500.

7, shovel: look at the thickness of the knife plate, the side plate, the floor is deformed and the thickness. Don't look at the shovel, the knife plate 1600, the bottom plate is 1.2 or 1 to be so large as 2.8*80, and the sides of the side board are close to 2 square. It's not a small number.

8, water tank: the water tank for 3 years must clean the water tank completely, otherwise the heat will not be good. If the water tank is broken and the scale is blocked, the scale is washed away and the water tank will leak. You can fill it up. Can't make up and change

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