How To Choose A Suitable Wheel Loader

How To Choose A Suitable Wheel Loader

Date:Jul 06, 2017


Notes about choosing a suitable wheel loader


First, choose a machine according to the construction situation.


For pavement construction and large mines, because of heavy workload, long work cycle and more capacious working environment, the loading capacity of matching transport machinery are more than 10 tons, then we should select loader with 5 tons or 6 tons loading capacity, which can improve working efficiency and reduce the construction cost;

For the work is relatively small, such as earthwork, river sand we can commonly choose products with 3 tons or 4 tons loading capacity;


For the work is very small, like a small individual sand and gravel field, matching vehicles are usually small tractors, generally we can choose products with 1.5 tons or below to avoid an excess of loader operation ability, thus to achieve the goal of economical and practical.


Again, choose a loader with corresponding speed according to the operation condition.


For ore with large density, solid original soil or loose materials with smaller density such as soil, coke and so on, due to the different operating mode, the selection of loader also has bigger difference.


For the solid original soil,ore which have a large density, due to the demand of traction force (insertion force) is higher, we should choose a prcoduct with low working speed, large digging up force and pulling force to ensure the normal use.


Because the traction force (insertion force) demand of the loader for the loose material is not high, so we can choose a product with a higher driving speed to obtain high work efficiency.

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