How To Choose The Wheel Loader Machine And What Aspects To Pay Attention To

How To Choose The Wheel Loader Machine And What Aspects To Pay Attention To

Date:Jan 22, 2018

What aspects of the loader should pay attention to

1, choose and buy the loader to see the manufacturer. As the threshold for the production of the machine is not very high, it has also led to the continuous flow of manufacturers in recent years. How to identify the technical strength of the factory is very important, because it directly affects the quality of the product. The production loader has more than 5 years of history of the enterprise is not much, this also directly determines the real professional loader is rare. Its short time enterprises often have a lack of experience, lack of research and development, customer service service is not in place and so on criticism, the implementation of low-cost strategy and profit, and to focus on sales and does not pay attention to product quality improvement, production of products can't afford to use for a long time. So if you want to buy loaders, you'd better go to the field of production enterprises to investigate, those businesses that are too small, lack of production equipment and start a long time.

2, choose and buy the loader to look at the price. Like all other industries, buyers should be alerted if the price of a machine is lower than the average price of the industry. In the absence of large-scale production conditions (such as production line), the price is too low does not mean low profits, but represents a low cost, and low cost will directly affect the life of the machine and the use effect, even suggesting that the enterprise to customer service and development will not be too much investment. Some mechanical buyers, because they are not very familiar with the technology, are easy to greedy for cheap and inferior products. In the end, they can't pay for it and can only buy them again.  Not only is it a waste of money, but it also delays our own production.

3, choose and buy the loader to see the effect of the machine. To see the effect of the use of the machine is mainly to see several aspects. (1) the speed, that is, the output of the class. (2) self weight, mechanical self weight reaction is sufficient materials, partly to reflect the durability of the product. (3) power consumption. (4) service life. The best thing to do is to ask a manufacturer who has bought a similar product. (5) after-sales service is the most capable of reflecting the strength of an enterprise. Look at the maintenance ability, the supply capacity of the accessories, the attitude and efficiency of the office and staff.

How to choose the loader machine

1. The loader that determines the corresponding driving speed according to the working condition

For loose ore, high density or low density solid soil such as soil, coke etc., because of the different operating conditions, the loader selection also has a big difference.

For those solid raw soil, ore and other high density materials, due to the traction force (insertion force) the demand is higher, should choose a lower working speed, digging force and traction were larger in order to ensure the normal use of the product. The lengthened long wheelbase chassis layout Yutong ZL50E-1 loader, stable structure, breakout force and tipping load for the present is the industry's largest, will be 1 tons than ordinary manufacturers, especially suitable for relatively hard earthwork operations.

Because the requirements of the loose material to the loader's traction force (insertion force) are not high, it is possible to choose a higher driving product to achieve higher efficiency. Here we recommend Liteng LT953 products. For bulk materials, this vehicle is fast and efficient, which is your ideal choice for the above conditions.

Because of the different working media, many companies have launched special products for a particular working medium. Yutong heavy industries to meet the different working conditions of the user needs, in order to meet the needs of coal operations Yutong heavy industries launched a special type of special coal bucket, coke special bucket, Iwa Ishito, catch the wood and push the snow work device is different, with different types of loaders, enables you to achieve a multi machine use

2, the loader that determines the corresponding rated load according to the amount of operation

In order to achieve the best economic benefit, the loader users buy the loader with more weight in order to achieve the best economic benefit. It should be determined according to the operating quantity in accordance with the principle of practical enough. It is not too big to be too small, too big to cause waste, too small is not used.

First of all, for pavement construction and large coal mine, due to the heavy workload, long period, more spacious working environment, transport machinery which is matched with the load in more than 10 tons, then should select 5 or 6 tons deadweight of the loader, which can improve the working efficiency and reduce the construction cost. Like Liteng LT958 or LT968 wheel loader to meet the requirements, here it is particularly worth mentioning is that the company has recently launched 60 new Denver, with super large capacity and ultra rising force, for the coal mine and the port is very practical, is a new product according to the specific needs of the market and development. As for the amount of work is relatively small occasions, such as earth, sand and so on general can choose 3 or 4 tons deadweight products, for the amount of work is very small, such as some small individual sand and gravel, supporting vehicles for small tractors, generally choose 1.5 tons or less products in order to avoid excess loading machine work ability, so as to achieve economic and practical purposes. Here we recommend Liteng LT932 loaders to you. The loader parts are more general, so the maintenance is more convenient.

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