How To Correctly Use The Clutch Of Wheel Loader?

How To Correctly Use The Clutch Of Wheel Loader?

Date:Jul 06, 2017

The wheel loader is mainly used to shovel, load and discharge bulk materials such as soil and stone. It can also be used in mild spading of rock and hard soil. If we change its work device, it can finish the work of bulldozing, hoisting, loading and unloading. In road construction, it is mainly used in the filling-digging of subgrade construction and the aggregate and loading of asphalt and cement concrete stock ground. Due to its quick working speed, good maneuverability and easy operation, the wheel loader develops fast and has been the main machine in the earthwork construction. The clutch of wheel loader damaging easily is the key part of small wheel loader. The operator must use it correctly and maintain it frequently in order to prolong its service life. If we use the clutch improperly, that may cause the failure of it in a short time.

The key points to use the clutch of wheel loader properly:

1.When we separate the clutch, we should take prompt action and step the pedal to the end in order to make complete separation.

2.When bonding the clutch, we should loosen the pedal slowly so that it can joint smoothly.

3.The separation time of the clutch should not be too long. Generally, it is under 15-20 seconds.

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