How To Identify The Accident Excavator?

How To Identify The Accident Excavator?

Date:Jun 16, 2018

When a second-hand excavator is selected, the buyer is most afraid of the accident car. The vehicle fuselage structure of a major accident has undergone serious deformation. Even after the repair, there are many hidden injuries. The probability of failure in the future work is very high. Therefore, the editor of a county excavator repair station has specially summed up some identification things. The car means to help you avoid this trap.

First of all, the accident car discussed here is a serious accident that causes the deformation of the excavator, such as a major impact, rollover, and so on. The general minor collision and rollover are not within the scope of the column.

The general appearance, surface, glass, interior, and important structural parts will leave the deformable traces of the excavators. Even if the repair means are very clear, some clues can be found from it. Therefore, the identification of the accident vehicles is mainly from the appearance, surface, glass, interior and structural parts of these parts. Eye.

1. check the cab

For stone smashing and rolling accidents, if the driver's cab is the first one, if the driver's top and side lacquer surface falls seriously, or redo the paint, the accident car is suspected. The original plant's cab stamping parts arc more arc line, the structure is more complex, the later sheet metal repair is more difficult, the repaired cab can look at the top of a few eyes at the top. Ni.

If the cab breakage is more serious, the four sides of the glass and the driving interior must be damaged and replaced. When the date of the four sides of the cab is not consistent with the vehicle production date, or the differences in the interior and new and the old are particularly obvious, it is necessary to make a careful judgment.

If the car's cab does not have the conditions to repair, and the whole car is driving relatively high, the refurbishment will usually change a cab for the car, but it is easy to see the new and old cabs.

(1) paint with the body right, body paint in the excavator during use will change, change a new cab to paint, there must be differences.

(2) the date of the glass of the cab is unanimous but not consistent with the date of the whole car factory: the new cab glass usually uses the same batch, so the production date will be consistent, but there must be a big difference with the actual date of the whole machine.

2. check the size of the arm and the frame

When the excavators turn over and roll over the accidents, the external frame and the arms and other parts are easily damaged and deformed under the external force. After adjusting the excavator, it can be seen that the arm has no inclination angle at the main control valve.

The serious turning over, the frame and the engine of the hydraulic system are deformed, misplaced, and damaged. At this time, it is necessary to focus on whether the X, the arm, the cab, the side door and other appearance parts have the paint marks and whether the connections between the parts are too large or uneven.

3. check the anti-collision beam and side beam

Collision beams and side beams are the most lateral protector of the excavator. When accidents occur, the beam and side beam are the most vulnerable parts. If the beam and the side beam are "injured," the car must be an accident car.

How to check the anti-collision beam and side beam is hurt? Is simply a far view in two

A remote view: check a second-hand excavator, first in the 10 meters to observe the collision beam and the side beam is smooth, to observe whether the reflective surface of the paint has changed, if it is the edge beam repaired, smoothness and reflective degree can be exposed.

Two close look: for the hot type of excavator, the market has a brand new side beam, anti collision beam auxiliary factory sales, this need close observation. First, look at the edge of the beam and the body of the body of the body of the body of some cracks, no accident must be uniform, no obvious width changes. Next see the side of the side of the side of the beam, repair welding seam, repair The side beams usually only do surface treatment in the outside. The cost and difficulty of the inside processing are too high. The ordinary maintenance staff will not do it. It is also a path for us to check.

4. check the X frame

If a excavator has a serious accident of turning over, the X frame of the car is likely to have been deformed, the cost of repairing and replacing the X frame is very high, and the traces of the repair in time are obvious.

If the deformation degree of the X frame does not affect the use, the retread will generally use "paste mud" or spray paint to cover up, this need to clean up the mud and then check.

If the deformation is more serious but has a certain value of repair equipment, the refurbishment is generally corrected. After the correction, the appearance of the X frame will be more obvious, and the edge of the X frame is also prone to wave shaped correction marks on the edges of some deformed parts.

5. check the door

The hatch of the excavator is a vulnerable part, and the daily construction is not careful. It is normal to repair or replace the sheet metal for the sake of beauty. So this point can not be used as a basis for directly judging whether a excavator is an accident car or not, but it can be used as an indirect "evidence".

When you suspect that it is an accident car in other ways, it can be judged by the location of the cabin door. For example, you found that the glass of the cab has been replaced all, the side beam has the repair marks, and the same side of the door has been verified. At this time it is basically possible to determine the accident.

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