How To Maintain The Headlights Of The Agricultural Loader?

How To Maintain The Headlights Of The Agricultural Loader?

Date:Jul 06, 2017


Firstly, put the agricultural loader in one brick wall. Try your best to make the head of the loader keep vertical with the wall and keep ten miles away the wall. Turn on the headlights first. Then, cover one of the headlights so as to adjust the headlights one by one. Remember that: the load of it can not be too high or too light. Only in this way can the headlights be adjusted to keep an balanced state. You’d better to find a friend to sit in the loader, which can help maintain the appropriate load. 

headlights, record the projection of the lights on the wall with chalk, both left and right headlights should maintain equidistance with the central axis of the dumper. In the event of the phenomenon of partial outward or inward slant, you must adjust it according to the tips of the manual of the dumper. As to the height of the light beam, the right light should be directed in a level way completely, the left lights should be raised to 10 cm. You must pay attention to this: don’t adjust it too high, or it will reflect the light to the opposite side.

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