How To Prevent The Pollution Of Oil When Installing The Wheel Loader

How To Prevent The Pollution Of Oil When Installing The Wheel Loader

Date:Jul 06, 2017


In the daily work of wheel loader, it needs to be lubricated by the oil. Then, how to prevent the pollution of oil? Today, I’d like to talk about it in detail.
1.The coarse filter should be installed in the oil suction mouth of the hydraulic pump of wheel loader and there should be a certain distance between the oil suction mouth and the bottom of the oil tank.
2.The high pressure fine filter should be installed in the oil outlet of wheel loader. The effect of the filter should be in accordance with the requirements of system work. 
3.The filter screen should be added in the clapboard of the hydraulic oil tank in order to remove the impurity which is not removed by the return oil filter.

4.The metal protective ring should be installed in hydraulic cylinder of the wheel loader in order to prevent the feculence. 5.Before installing the pneumatic parts, the internal scrap iron and impurities should be removed and cleaned.
6.Check the hydraulic oil regularly. Once found that the oil is going bad, there are a lot of bubbles and sediment and there is the phenomenon of the oil-water separation, we should clean the system and change the oil immediately.
7.Before the new oil is added into the oil tank of wheel loader, it should go through the process of static settlement. After filtering, the oil can be added in. If necessary, we can set a middle oil tank for the sedimentation and filtration of new oil to make sure the cleanness of the new oil.

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