How To Ship A Wheel Loader

How To Ship A Wheel Loader

Date:Jul 06, 2017


How to Ship a Wheel Loader

There are several types of loaders but wheel loaders are the most popular. Loaders are used to move aside or load materials into or onto other heavy equipment. Wheel loaders provide less traction than tracked loaders, but have more mobility, speed, and do not damage paved roads. While wheel loaders can be driven between sites, they cannot be driven between construction projects, they must be transported. How to ship a wheel loader is not a hard question to answer when broken down into three components: choosing a trustworthy heavy equipment transporter and proper transport option, and purchasing adequate freight insurance.

The size of wheel loaders may make them seem impossible to transport. However, this is not the case with Liteng. Shipping wheel loaders is easily done when using our automated shipping calculator that has the specs of your wheel loader already in our unique database. We will help you ship your wheel loader by walking you through choosing a trustworthy heavy equipment transporter, selecting an appropriate transport option, and purchasing adequate freight insurance. Use Liteng and you will have a trusted heavy equipment transporter sent directly to you in no time!

Step 1 - Know Your Wheel Loader Shipping Options

Is your wheel loader drivable or static? Could it be dismantled and shipped in a container? The answer to these questions will lead to the right heavy equipment transport option.

Most equipment will be shipped on a flatbed, also known as standard trailer. Flatbeds are available in a variety of sizes and weight capacities to handle different types of heavy equipment.

Oversized, extremely heavy, or non-drivable equipment will likely be transported on special drop deck or step deck trailers. These trailers are able to accommodate taller and heavier equipment than the standard flatbed trailers. When your equipment requires a specialty trailer it will also most likely also require special permits. Your heavy equipment transporter should inform you about what permits are required.

Sometimes the most cost effective way to ship equipment is to dismantle it and shipped in a container. This distributes the overall weight and size of the equipment so you save money.

Step 2 - Prepare Your Wheel Loader for Shipment

Remove or secure detachable parts.

Drain fluids and disconnect batteries.

Make sure heavy equipment is clean, free of dirt, without leaks, and in working condition.

Static machinery will require proper loading and unloading equipment, confirm with transporter that this equipment will be available.

Equipment with wheels is often best transported with the wheels removed. This improves stability on the trailer and makes for even weight distribution.

All U.S. states have different transportation laws and legal road weight and size restrictions, so it is important to confirm with transporter about route options, permits, and escorts for oversized cargo. Experienced transporter should be very well informed about restrictions and permits necessary and any type of heavy equipment transportation.

Step 3 - Know Your Wheel Loader

Before you can get a realistic quote for shipping your wheel loader, you must be able to share the details of exactly what you are shipping. You must know and be able to relate the following information:

Working condition of the wheel loader

Transit speed

Necessary loading and unloading equipment

Special precautions and permits necessary

Most importantly, choosing the right heavy equipment transporter - there are lots of guys that can get the job done but only some know how to get it done the right way, for the right price.

To get the cost to ship a wheel loader you will have to request quotes online and make some phone calls, and then wait for them to get back to you with a quote. Or you can just go to Liteng will give you an instant shipping quote from competitive independent transporters, from one website.

Step 4 - Get a Wheel Loader Shipping Quote

You no longer have to roam the Internet for heavy equipment transporters or flip through the yellow pages to get a shipping quote for heavy equipment. Getting a shipping quote to ship heavy equipment is easy with Liteng. Here is how it works.


Select “wheel loader” from our database. Liteng’s propriety database will know the specs and weight and be able to give you an accurate shipping quote.

View price and service comparison for multiple carriers and choose which options suits your heavy equipment shipment.

Purchase freight insurance.

Schedule your wheel loader to be picked up from one site and transported to another.


Every heavy equipment shipment is unique and may have specialized transportation requirements, which is exactly why Liteng was created! Don’t let heavy haul transportation be a worry of yours any longer. Liteng will help you ship your heavy equipment safely and efficiently.

Shipping Wheel Loader Overseas

International construction equipment that is drivable will be shipped on roll-on/roll-off overseas vessels. Shipping your heavy equipment in a container is another option if roll-on/roll-off service is not offered at your destination or if your equipment is static.

NOTE: For heavy equipment shipping overseas make sure your equipment is shipped with the proper customs forms, including the bill of sale. This will ensure that the equipment can clear customs without any problems. Keep in mind that international shipments have additional duties and taxes.

Step 5 - Purchase Shipping Insurance for Wheel Loaders

While all carriers are required to have liability and cargo insurance, oftentimes it is only the minimum. Make sure you understand their specific policy and what damage is covered.

Liteng always recommends purchasing freight insurance to fully cover your heavy equipment. Construction equipment and heavy machinery is an investment and hard to replace. Better to be safe than sorry!

The Liteng Difference

Whether you bought equipment from a auction or machinery broker, or are just trying to transport equipment to a new construction site, Liteng specializes is the transportation of all types heavy construction equipment shipping, both nationally and internationally.

The Liteng machinery represents the leading heavy equipment haulers in the industry specializing in equipment transport. When using Liteng, know you are finding the most affordable heavy equipment shipping rates from a reliable heavy equipment mover. Get a shipping quote, purchase insurance and have your heavy equipment picked up and delivered to its new destination.

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