Instructions On The Safety Use Of The Wheel Loader

Instructions On The Safety Use Of The Wheel Loader

Date:Jul 06, 2017


Instructions on the safety use of the wheel loader:


1.Operators and relative working staffs should read the directions on how to utilize and maintain the wheel loader to avoid serious consequences or unnecessary losses.


2.Operator should be dressed neatly to meet the safety requirements and wear the necessary protecting equipment.

3.Operators are not allowed to drive the wheel loader after they have drunk alcohol or when they feel exhausted.


4.When the wheel loader works on the dangerous sites, warming signs should be showed around the dangerous places.


5.Do not put the wheel loader in the places where there are open fires or the temperature is very high, in case the tire of the wheel loader is likely to explode due to the heat. Some accidents may happen.


6.The wheel loader should be parked on the ground and the bucket should be laid flat. When the engine has stalled, the control handle of the working devices need to be wrenched repeatedly to make sure each hydraulic cylinder in rest conditions with no pressure. When the wheel loader can only be parked on the slopes, fix its tires tightly to make sure the wheel loader is not able to slip down, so that some accidents can be avoided.

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