Loader Scale In China's History

Loader Scale In China's History

Date:Sep 09, 2016

The loader scale in our development time and soon began in late 1960. So far, total has gone through three phases are: 60 generic stage; 70 self-reliant development; 80 's to 90 's technology transfer, joint venture development stages.

Founding early, China just began production mount machine is mechanical track type mount machine Z1-4 type 4t (Chengdu engineering mechanical factory production), and Red Star 1 cubic metres mount machine (Shanghai port mechanical factory production) and the late Z420, and 2T hydraulic mount machine (Chengdu engineering mechanical factory production) and Z435 3.5T type mount machine (Xiamen engineering machinery factory, and liuzhou engineering mechanical factory production), while development has rotary type mount machine Z4H2 type 2T/180 ° Rotary mount machine (Chengdu engineering mechanical factory production). It was the first in China to use hydraulic low-voltage wide base OTR tire, hydro-mechanical transmission, 180 ° rotating job rigidity steel frame, four-wheel-drive sedan with a differential lock device for domestic manufacturing of the first four wheel drive Rotary hydraulic loader. Tianjin engineering machinery factory, and also developed a fully rotating 360 ° rigidity and high pressure tires mounted machine.

The late 60, Tianjin Municipal Bureau of transportation also made Z425-articulated high pressure tires, hydraulic loader, this is also the first articulated loaders. 70 medium-term, China's construction machinery industry absorb advanced foreign technology, developed the articulated ZL50 loader (liuzhou engineering machinery factory), with articulated frame, low-voltage wide base OTR, hydro-mechanical transmission, caliper disc brake, four wheel steering, hub reduction drive car. And suspension, with good off-road performance. Oil pressure 16MPa mentioned 20MPa, PowerShift Transmission, greatly improving our level of wheel loaders. On this basis, mechanical Department, Tianjin engineering machinery Research Institute and LIUGONG, xiagong, Cheng Gong, Yigong, tobacco workers, ZL series wheel loader reasonable variety meets the needs of most widely used principles, the loader's rated load weight arranged by R10 preferred number series, general parameters and forces the paint charts, find loads and power. Overall dimensions (maximum unloading height when unloading from the maximum unloading height, wheelbase, track,) breakout force, force, weight and other relationships with larger or smaller proportion method, designing various parameters of loader. And that agencies at all levels are with twin turbine hydraulic torque converters, dual planetary power shift transmission, drive car with a wheel-side planetary speed reducer, caliper disc brake, the Z-bar linkage mechanism with articulated frame steering and a series of standardized, significantly improve the level of product standardization, organize specialized production, and for improving the quality of repair and maintenance to create the Foundation. Between the ZL50 and ZL40 ZL20 and ZL30, parts and General level of 70% per cent respectively. After 8 years of efforts successfully developed ZL series 20, 30, 40, 50, and ZL90 wheel loaders. Meanwhile, on the basis of the development of the DZL40 and DZL50 wheel loader, fill our wheel loaders blank.

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