Machinery Industrial Product Prices Fell In The First Half 1.08%

Machinery Industrial Product Prices Fell In The First Half 1.08%

Date:Sep 09, 2016

2015, the machinery industry product prices continue to decline. Prices fell 1.08% against the January-June of machinery products, a decline from January-May deepen 0.02% percentage points, machinery industry total price has fell for 42 consecutive months. June machinery product prices fell in the month 1.16%, fell flat with last month, June prices in the month fell 0.12%.

Compared with the national industry, machinery industry prices run more smoothly. Since the beginning of the middle of 2012, machinery prices fell below the national industry. This first half of the cumulative price decline was lower than the national industrial machinery industry 3.53%.

Total price of machinery products fell number of products are on the rise. In January-June, in 142 major machinery products in statistics, the cumulative prices fell 96, accounted for as much as 67.61%, 17 more than a year ago and decreased cumulative number of product prices rose to 43, 20 less than a year ago.

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