Main Points Of Use Of Side Unloading Loader Side-dumping Loader In Tunnel Construction

Main Points Of Use Of Side Unloading Loader Side-dumping Loader In Tunnel Construction

Date:Jan 29, 2018

Main points of use of side unloading loader side-dumping loader in tunnel construction

1, effective safety protection measures

In the process of tunnel construction, tunnel collapse, rock blasting, the rock fall is often the case. If there is no effective protection measures, it is bound to cause damage to the equipment or personnel. In the process of discharging slag in the hole, the side loader side-dumping loader is more likely to encounter danger, so special attention should be paid to the safety protection work. When choosing a vehicle, it is better to choose a tunnel with a protective device for the construction of a tunnel, and to refit it without a protective device itself. The most vulnerable parts of the side loader during the tunnel construction are the cab, the working hydraulic cylinder and the engine. The cab is the key protection object, because once it is damaged, it may jeopardize the safety of the operator. For cars without their own protection devices, they can be mounted above the cab and 15-20cm from the top of the cab. The thickness of the steel plate is 6-8mm. The size of the steel plate can not be directly hit the windshield by the upper part of the cab. The steel plate is supported by four columns, and the column is fixed on the frame. This steel plate is like the safety helmet worn in our construction. When the stone falls on the steel plate, it will get some cushion when it meets the steel plate.  This modification method has obvious protective effect in practical application. The hydraulic cylinders of the loader bucket are exposed under the working face when they are working. When the stones fall, they sometimes damage the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder, causing the damage and deformation of the piston rod surface. In order to avoid the damage of the piston rod, the self-made hydraulic cylinder protective cover can also be installed on the hydraulic cylinder. Because the engine itself has a hood, so you can take appropriate protective measures according to the actual needs. After strengthening the protection of these key parts, though it can not completely resist large collapse accidents, it has obvious protective effect on frequent and small scale landslides and rockfalls.

2. Good ventilation conditions and construction environment

In the course of tunnel construction, good ventilation conditions and construction environment are the necessary conditions to ensure the normal construction of the construction. By blasting in the tunnel, the smoke is harmful, will produce mechanical exhaust gas containing smoke and toxic gases in the work process, the dust and waste gas is harmful to the health of the operator, but also affect the normal operation of the loader, and will also influence the line of sight of the operator, the safety accident caused by. Nowadays, most of the tunnels are ventilated to replace the air inside and outside the tunnel. The selection of fans should be decided according to the size and length of the tunnel section and the external ventilation of the tunnel. The final result to make the loader operator do not feel oppressed at work, side loading unloading machine of engine intake insufficient phenomenon does not occur. If ventilation is poor, the smoke can not be discharged, resulting in waste gas to the loader will inhale again due to insufficient power down the engine air intake, exhaust smoke, a long time will cause the engine carbon deposit, shorten the service life of the engine. In addition, to create a good working environment is also an important aspect to ensure the normal operation of the side dump loader, which comprises a lighting facilities into the hole before the operation, and good working face of the loader, these measures will help reduce the external causes damage to the loader and its operation when collision accidents and wall and other work mechanical.

3, add tire protection chain

When the side loader is running in the tunnel, the stone slag has the edges and corners like the blade edge, and the tire is often killed by blasting. Because the price of side loader tire is relatively high, if the effective protection measures are not taken to reduce the consumption of tires, the economic benefits of the construction units can not be guaranteed. In practice, we usually add a protective chain. Although the protective chain is more expensive, the economic benefits obtained from saving the tires are more obvious.

4, correct operation and repair in time

In the side load loader operation, the operation level and the operation method of the operator and the ability to discover the fault are also a problem that can not be ignored. In the tunnel work site is narrow, increase the operation difficulty virtually, avoid bumps with higher level of operation time, operation can shorten the bucket, reduce tooth damage, reduce consumption, faults can be found in time, avoid the loader in work surface anchoring. Side dump loader failure to timely repair, lest he cannot work, resulting in the operation process of loader. Foreseeable repairs can reduce the damage to equipment and personnel caused by safety accidents.

5, the maintenance and maintenance of the side loader in time and effectively

As the working environment of the side loader in the tunnel construction is very bad, we should also put it in place in time. The air quality in the tunnel is much worse than the open, the air is damp and dust, smoke more, it will affect the quality of the engine intake side discharge load in a large extent, greatly shorten the service life of the air filter, especially for paper filter, engine black smoke will be serious when the vehicle is weak the phenomenon of. We change the air filter in time according to the actual situation, which can help to prolong the service life of the side loader engine and ensure the normal overhaul cycle of the engine. At the same time, we should monitor the quality of engine oil, hydraulic transmission oil and hydraulic oil at any time, change the new oil in time, change the filter element or clean the filter screen according to its deterioration, and not only operate according to the normal oil changing cycle. Because bad working environment will accelerate the deterioration of oil, so that its performance indicators can not meet the requirements of lubrication and cooling, and will cause damage to components when severe. Secondly, the cleaning work of all parts of the side loader should be done well. Will tend to accumulate a lot of dust slot radiator fin in the environment due to the more humid, the dust will become wet mud adhered to the heat sink, so that the engine can not be normal cooling, serious when can cause the engine abnormal temperature rise, so that the side dump loader can not work normally. In addition, the mixture of oil and dust attached to the engine body and the gearbox will also affect the heat dissipation of these components. In the side dump loader engine crankcase, hydraulic oil tank, fuel tank and axle are provided with air holes, the box body is used to prevent the air due to thermal expansion of the internal pressure, affect the normal work, if the vent plug box will cause oil spills, or oil froth modification. Therefore, we should clean the filter net of these holes in time so as to keep them open. Grease lubrication at the articulated parts of the side loader is also a major priority in our maintenance work. We should regularly grease the parts to avoid abnormal wear. When filling the grease, remove the old fat mixed with dust and crushed stone, so as to avoid this kind of impurities entering the friction surface. In short, timely and effective maintenance is an important guarantee for the efficient operation of side loading loaders in tunnel construction, and is also an important aspect to ensure its normal service life.

In practical applications, as long as we do effective safety precautions, provide good working environment, and use reasonably and practically, we will achieve satisfactory results in tunnel construction.

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