Date:Apr 12, 2018

Our machining workshop spans more than 5,000 square meters. It houses a wide range of processing equipment, such as plasma cutting machine, lathe, milling machine, boring machine and many others. This workshop is divided into several production areas where we respectively perform welding, spraying, drying and so forth. All our efforts are focused on maintaining product quality. In addition the CNC workshop incorporates large CNC machining centers which are purchased from OKK and Mazak. It serves to increase the machining accuracy of large structural parts.

Simultaneously, our in-house manufactured planetary and countershaft gearbox can fully meet the power transmission needs for construction machinery where the load and speed vary frequently.

Liteng Machinery’s drive axle works with a double-reduction drive system. The main speed reducer has a great load capacity, and the transmission speed is high.

Finally we need to accomplish the assembly of entire vehicles. The general assembly line is characterized by flexible configuration and process optimization, which contributes to increased working efficiency. Of course, the engine is the source of power of the wheel loader. Liteng Machinery’s engine is sourced from numerous famous brands, such as Cummins, Weichai Power, Shanghai Diesel Engine and so forth, which can suit various customers’ personalized requirements.

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