Matters Need Attention About The Brake Fluid Of Wheel Loader

Matters Need Attention About The Brake Fluid Of Wheel Loader

Date:Jul 06, 2017

1. Put a little brake fluid in your palm. If it is real brake fluid, you will feel ice-cold firstly. After a short moment, you will feel a little fever. The real brake fluid is not easy to volatilize. If you feel unusually cold, there is no feeling of heat, and the brake fluid will volatilize little by little, then it may be fake brake fluid.
2. Before changing the brake fluid, we should clean the greasy dirty and muddy of filling hole of braking system and air bleed screw to avoid contamination due to the entering of impurity. You should clean the braking system according to the maintenance manual. We advocate adopting the same type of brake fluid. You’d better not use alcohol and cleaning agent.

3. The brake fluid is toxic, which is not allowed to suck by mouth.

4. The brake fluid has destructive effect on the coating of the body of wheel loader. Therefore, we should prevent that the braking fluid falls on the coating of the wheel loader to erode its appearance and make it rust when we change and add the brake fluid.
5. It is strictly prohibited to blend the brake fluid to use. Because different products use different raw materials, additive and manufacturing technique. After blending, it will become turbid or appear the phenomenon of sediment. The braking fluid of wheel loader is important mediator for the power transmission of braking system of wheel loader, which is related to the braking safety of wheel loader. Due to recent years’ influence of fake brake fluid, the braking performance of wheel type engineering machine has been lowered, which has threaten our safety. Therefore, when should identify the brake fluid carefully when buying.

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