Methods To Examine The Hydraulic Transmission Oil Of The Wheel Loader

Methods To Examine The Hydraulic Transmission Oil Of The Wheel Loader

Date:Jul 06, 2017

Hydraulic oil acts as energy carrier for the gear box of the wheel loader. In the hydraulic transmission system, the hydraulic liquid pressure, its temperature and flow rate all determine whether the gear box can work normally. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the hydraulic oil’s examinations and replacement.


1.Fix the interval of oil replacement 

Changing hydraulic oil according to the correct internal plays a very important role in ensuring the long service life of the gear box’s internal components. Only the reasonable oil changing internal is guaranteed, can the lubricating oil give full play to its lubricating function and protection features. In general, the maintenance cycle should be based on manufacturer’s recommendation, but it is only relative. The maintenance cycle of the wheel loader must be also combined with the results of sample analysis, so that a better understanding of the actual working conditions can be gained. For example, if the maintenance manual requires that the oil changing internal is 500 h, we can have a sample analysis every 250h or 100h to determine the changing internal. When the lubricating oil is utilized for 1000h, change it instantly.


2.Adopt the correct oil replacement method


When dumping , the oil temperature should reach 40~50℃, and make sure the dirty oil is emptied completely; When adding oil, utilize the machine with the filtering devices.

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