Date:Apr 12, 2018

Owing to its favorable price to performance ratio, Liteng Machinery’s product has stood out in a competitive construction machinery market. We can provide customization service according to your actual needs and different working conditions, under the premise that product quality and performance is guaranteed.

 LT Series Wheel Loader

The LT series wheel loader is designed with front and rear reinforced chassis, which helps to improve its overload capacity and torsion coefficient. This equipment is easy to set on the go for lowering and lifting automatically. It features a powerful digging capacity.

 LT Series Forklift Loader

The LT series forklift loader is designed with strengthened and thickened structural parts, which allows for an increase in its loading capacity and stability. Its drive axle has been reinforced to achieve a rated load capacity of 100 tons.

 Multidimensional-Rotation Shipping Container Unloader

This product is mainly used to load and unload shipping containers. It can rotate, tilt and unload various goods which are put in the shipping containers, such as soybean, cement, sand, subway silt and many others.

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