Safe Driving Under Various Road Conditions Of Loaders

The loader, as the most widely used machine, has the advantage of fast moving speed, and often needs to travel on all kinds of ground. Whether the brake is in good condition, whether the steering wheel is old or new, or even the glass is clean, the angle of the reversing mirror is directly related to safe driving.

This is often met on the earth and stone field. In this case, take care to control the speed of the throttle and not to shake it. Individuals often install half shovel soil in the bucket to relieve the body's bouncing. The short wheelbase car, when the car is old, is articulated loosely and larger than the middle / long shaft bump on this ground is more likely to cause an accident caused by the rupture of the steering oil pipe.

The above two figures are an analogical display of simple pavement or partial pavement. Driving at night at such a road is initially an easy impulse for people to run. If the lights are not uniform and the glass is too dirty, the driver will easily be injured in the cab because of the bouncing of the car body.

The above shows the bright and dark Alternation under the good road surface. In this case, we should turn on the headlights in advance to slow down the eyes and adapt to the change of light.

The above picture shows common construction roadways, which can also be compared to simple roads in mountainous areas. In this case, it is best not to brake a lot more dangerous to go up and down. Don't do it if you have to put a bucket on the ground and hang upside down at idling to use the torque converter as a retarder to use the emergency refueling door loader back. Another extreme situation is that when the steering force is greater than the steering force when the slope is too large, downhill gear can be used less or no braking to ensure the normal steering work.

This is a common village road in the countryside on both sides of the thick grass, I do not know whether there are ditches or sharp stones below, sometimes on one side is a hillside side side is a deep ditch. In this case, the bucket is laid flat about 20 centimeters off the ground and slowly passes through if there is a seedling with a steeply inclined body, immediately lowering the bucket flat against the ground and reversing. In particular, it is pointed out that sometimes the front wheel side has sunk to the rear axle swing to the limit position and then flip the bucket will overturn the car.

The above picture is analogous to the narrow section of the factory. Watch carefully when you whistle slowly, because you can not know in advance whether there are people or vehicles on the side. Especially in the factory area, it is more ineffective.

Personally, I think this is the most difficult aspect. We should pay attention to the falling stones on the road side. Rain or snow is the easiest time to roll stones. If you take part in rush projects, you must pay attention to safety. Personal experience is to roughly finish the shovel loading process according to experience after the material is being loaded. Do not turn your head on the side of the car.

In the city road, please respect the rules and regulations because the loader starts more slowly than the car.