Safety Operating Regulations Of Construction Loader|safety Technical Operating Rules For Frontend Loader

Safety Operating Regulations Of Construction Loader|safety Technical Operating Rules For Frontend Loader

Date:Jan 22, 2018

Safety technical operating rules for frontend loaders

1. When the loader is driving, the bucket should be recovered, and the bucket is about 400 to 500mm from the ground. In the course of driving, pay attention to whether there are roadblocks or high pressure lines, etc. In addition to the prescribed driver, no other personnel are not allowed.

2, when the loader is driving, avoid the sudden change of driving. When the bucket is loaded with the load, it is not allowed to turn and brake urgently.

3, the loader must obey the traffic rules, driving on the highway when driving carefully, no gap rolling downhill.

4. If the engine is flameout on a sloping slope, the bucket should be placed on the ground and brake, the rods are placed in the middle, and the engine will be started.

5. The loader should notice that the bucket should not rise too high.

6. When unloading the slopes, trenches and pits, pay attention to not making the bucket overstretched so as to avoid overturning.

7. Do not work on the slope over the prescribed site. There shall be no obstacles or unrelated personnel in the operation area.

8. When the loader's bogie is not locked, it is strictly prohibited to repair and maintain between the front and back frames.

9. After the lifting of the large arm, before the work of lubrication and adjustment, the safety pin must be loaded or the other measures must be taken to prevent the large arm from falling.

10, after the operation, the loader should be suspended in the safe site, the bucket is flat on the ground, all the operating rods are placed in the middle, and the brake is locked.

Precautions for shovel operation

1, before the inspection, confirmation of each part is normal, check the control handle is arranged in the middle of a long time, if the stop is placed, should first hand pump to the fuel system and fuel injection, loosen the bleed screw on fuel injection pump, to exhaust gas in the fuel system. When starting, the key switch is opened, the total power is connected, and the starting key can be started by pressing the starting key. If it fails for the first time, it must wait for 2~5 minutes to start second times. If the three time can't start, it should stop starting, find out the reason, and remove the trouble and start again. The start time must not exceed 12 seconds.

2, after starting the engine, it should warm up at the speed of 600 ~ 750r/min, and pay close attention to the reading of all instruments, especially the reading of diesel engine oil pressure gauge. Its value should be greater than 0.05MPa. When the reading of the barometer is greater than 0.44 MPa, the car can be sent out.

3, after starting the engine, check the loader parts is normal, the boom to transport position; release the hand brake, the brake pedal, gently manipulating the gear lever, the lever hanging in the selected gear; release the foot brake pedal, slow down pedal, the load gradually accelerated. After the water temperature reaches 75 C, the full load operation can be done.

4, when the loader is in the same direction, the gear shift does not have to stop, and it does not have to step on the brake pedal; but if the driving direction is changed, it must be changed after stopping.

5, the loader driving or operating on the ramp, select the valve should be placed in the position (not cut for loader selection valve), for braking gearbox still have power output when the brake is released quickly started, in order to ensure the smooth operation of loader; otherwise, if the selection valve is arranged in the off position, step the brake pedal, the gearbox oil is cut off, so that the transmission power output, the loader will be started again after stopping the slip slope and unstable phenomenon.

6, in the control cylinder lever, when the rotating bucket at a proper position, loosen the handle, lever can automatically return; but when the control arm cylinder lever, when the boom lifting (or drop) to the desired position, should be placed in the middle lever, because of arm manipulation no bar automatic return function.

7. During the operation of the loader, the water temperature of the engine must not exceed 95 degrees C, and the temperature of the torque converter should not exceed 115 degrees C. If the oil and water temperature exceed the allowable value for long time heavy load operation, the cooling should be stopped.

8, if the loader is running out of engine suddenly, the brake pedal should be pressed at once. Because the steering pump has stopped working at this time, it can't turn the steering gear to turn.

9. Prohibit high speed driving in driving! High speed is a threat to security. When the loader runs downhill, the brake pedal should be stepped lightly and the engine is kept in operation. It is strictly forbidden to turn off the slope!

10, for the various parts of frontend loader, regular maintenance and lubrication should be carried out according to the regulations.

11. The hydraulic oil used in the hydraulic transmission oil and hydraulic system used in the loader gearbox, the hydraulic transmission oil and the hydraulic system, must be cleaned and conform to the requirements.

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