Safety Technical Operating Rules For Front Loader

Safety Technical Operating Rules For Front Loader

Date:Feb 13, 2018

Safety technical operating rules for front loaders 

1. When the front loader is driving, the bucket should be recovered, and the bucket is about 400 to 500mm from the ground. In the course of driving, pay attention to whether there are roadblocks or high pressure lines, etc. In addition to the prescribed driver, no other personnel are not allowed.

2, when the loader is driving, avoid the sudden change of driving. When the bucket is loaded with the load, it is not allowed to turn and brake urgently.

3, the loader must obey the traffic rules, driving on the highway when driving carefully, no gap rolling downhill.

4. If the engine is flameout on a sloping slope, the bucket should be placed on the ground and brake, the rods are placed in the middle, and the engine will be started.

5. The loader should notice that the bucket should not rise too high.

6. When unloading the slopes, trenches and pits, pay attention to not making the bucket overstretched so as to avoid overturning.

7. Do not work on the slope over the prescribed site. There shall be no obstacles or unrelated personnel in the operation area.

8. When the front loaders' bogie is not locked, it is strictly prohibited to repair and maintain between the front and back frames.

9. After the lifting of the large arm, before the work of lubrication and adjustment, the safety pin must be loaded or the other measures must be taken to prevent the large arm from falling.

10, after the operation, the loader should be suspended in the safe site, the bucket is flat on the ground, all the operating rods are placed in the middle, and the brake is locked.

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