Several Commonly Used Oil Products And Selection For Loaders

Several Commonly Used Oil Products And Selection For Loaders

Date:Jan 24, 2018

Several commonly used oil products and their selection for loaders

The loader is often used to oil main engine oil, diesel engine, torque converter and gearbox oil (hydraulic transmission oil), drive axle oil, the hydraulic system of hydraulic oil, the hinge pin use grease, the correct selection and use of these products to maintain the normal operation of the system, reduce the wear. Has an important significance to prolonging the service life of the machine.

1. engine oil

(1) viscosity grade and quality grade: oil viscosity classification is widely used in the world today is SAE (SAE) grading standards, such as SAE5W or SAEl5W / 40 / 40, "W" said winter (winter), the front of the smaller the number, the oil viscosity more dilute flow the better, in the cold start, the better protective effect on engine. After "W" is the number of oil resistant index, the greater the value, the better the performance of oil under high temperature, high viscosity oil for the sports department. The resistance is relatively high, not only the power consumption, increase fuel consumption, and the oil is easily oxidized, and the protection effect of cold.

General API (American Petroleum Institute) on behalf of the classification of engine oil quality, it uses simple code to describe the working ability of engine oil, loaders and other construction machinery use diesel engine, the engine oil quality rating from "SA" to "SL", the letter back, the higher the quality level, each increment of a letter, the oil is better than the former one, there are more additives to protect the engine oil.

The standard of the diesel engine oil viscosity grade and quality grade standard (GB11122 - 1997) is equivalent to the above standard.

(2) selection of diesel engine oil: for the bad working conditions of the loader diesel engine and large working load, it is suggested that CD grade oil be adopted. On the use of CD SAE20W / 40, on the north to recommend the use of CD SAE5W / 30 or 10W / 30, some imported engines require the use of CE, CF and above grade oil, such as the Cummings engine requires the use of CF4 or superior to oil.

2. engine diesel engine

In general, diesel oil containing less than 0.5% sulfur is used. If the sulfur content is high, the cycle of oil change will be shortened. The general loader diesel diesel uses GB252 - 1994 light diesel, which is suitable for high speed diesel engine with full load speed of more than 1000r / min.

3. torque converter / gearbox oil (hydraulic transmission oil)

(1) the effect of hydraulic transmission oil:

(1) the hydraulic transmission oil is the medium of the energy transfer of the torque converter.

(2) the lubricating oil of the gear and bearing of the gearbox.

(3) as the hydraulic oil of the friction clutch of the gearbox.

(4) as the coolant of the torque converter and the gearbox.

(2) selection of hydraulic transmission oil: hydraulic transmission oil between the normal working temperature is 82 to 95 DEG C, sometimes up to 120 degrees Celsius, due to transmission of the hydraulic oil products have special requirements, the national standard requirements of the quality grade and viscosity, generally used in the hydraulic transmission loader for No. 6 hydraulic oil transmission oil in China Lanzhou, Daqing petrochemical plant in the enterprise standard, No. 6 hydraulic transmission oil is mainly used for hydraulic transmission diesel locomotive oil and construction machinery.

4. drive bridge oil

(1) gear oil: the classification standard of vehicle gear oil quality in China is GB7631.7 to 95. According to the quality classification of API, there are three kinds of CLC, CLD and CLE. CLE is equivalent to GL to 5 in APL classification. CLE level is recommended for the gear oil of the general loader drive bridge.

(2) drive axle brake oil (brake oil): loader drive axle, brake oil (non full hydraulic braking) generally use GB1298191 HZY3 brake fluid, which is equivalent to the SAEL703C oil specified in API.

5. hydraulic oil

Viscosity is an important performance index of hydraulic oil, because the lower the viscosity, the smaller the power loss, the higher the mechanical efficiency. The lower the viscosity and the lower the volumetric efficiency, the best viscosity meets the minimum requirements of bearing and hydraulic pump wear, and at the same time, we should also consider the low temperature performance. The domestic hydraulic oil generally chooses the mineral oil type and the synthetic hydrocarbon type hydraulic oil as stipulated in GB11118.1 94. Due to poor working conditions of loaders, heavy working load and high oil and oil temperature, the advanced anti wear hydraulic oil L HM32 and L HM46 models are generally used. Under low temperature conditions, the low pour point hydraulic oil L HV32 and L HV46 models are recommended.

6. grease

Used abroad is a multipurpose grease containing MoS2 1%5%, and it is a suitable corrosion inhibitor. This kind of grease is suitable for all kinds of pin, joint bearing, swinging frame bearing, drive shaft and so on. It is widely used. This grease must be a mixture of advanced lithium base and E.P. additive. It has the characteristics of stable chemical property, no harden, no leakage or no drop in the whole working range. General use of NLGI (American grease Association) 1 or 2 grease, its suitable temperature range is very wide, and suitable for a very low temperature occasion.

The past domestic loader used 3 or 4 calcium base grease, the grease has been unable to meet in a variety of climate (high temperature or low temperature, damp and water etc.) loader working condition requirements, because lithium grease has many excellent properties, the oil cycle ratio of calcium base grease 2 times, so now the loader used lithium grease.

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