Several Tips On The Utilization Of The Wheel Loader

Several Tips On The Utilization Of The Wheel Loader

Date:Jul 06, 2017


  1. Replace the hydraulic oil, braking liquid, gear oil and lubricating oil , according to what the wheel loader manufactures has regulated. Pay special attention to the fact that the braking liquid of different types can not mix.


2. In winter, do no start the engine of the wheel loader until it is heated. Only when the engine is preheated to30~40℃, can it be started. What’s more, add anti-freezing liquid to the water tank (If the vehicle has not utilized the anti-freezing liquid in winter, drain the cooling water out of the water tank, engine bodies and warm air blower, when the machine is not working.

3. Strictly prohibit users to modify the wheel loader privately. Manufactures will not be responsible for the trouble caused by modifying the wheel loader.


4. The diesel oil utilized by the wheel loader must remain pure and clean, besides the oil should be precipitated for at least 72 hours. The diesel oil should comply with special requirements.


5. The temperature of the wheel loader and diesel oil can not exceed 95℃, while that of the torque converter is not able to surpass 120℃.


6. The power of the wheel loaders diesel engine is reduced with the increase of the altitude, temperature, and relative humidity .Therefore, pay attention to the local environment during the utilization of the wheel loader.

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