Special Working Device For Wheel Loader

Special Working Device For Wheel Loader

Date:Jan 22, 2018

1, enlarge bucket: Based on the standard model configuration, increase the bucket capacity, in order to improve work efficiency, to meet the proportion of lighter materials such as coal shovel, etc..

2, rock bucket: mainly for loading and unloading rock conditions, bucket bucket plate, support plate bucket is strengthened, and equipped with a high wear resistant auxiliary knife plate, high wear resistant cast iron bucket teeth, thereby improving the service life of the whole bucket.

3, high dumping: to meet the increasing fence height of freight cars, to meet the high unloading rate of coal with lower weight and material load, and to meet the large loading capacity and greatly improve the work efficiency.

4, side dumping bucket: for the narrow field, especially the working device of tunnel operation condition, the bucket can be one-way rollover, which can effectively reduce the driver's labor intensity in tunnel operation.

5, log grapple: mainly used in the handling and handling of materials in the forest farm and port.

6, quick coupling: mainly for the working environment where there are various materials to load and unload, the driver can quickly replace the working device in the driver's cab, which is convenient to use and highly efficient. The replaceable working devices are: bucket, wood fork and so on.

7, gripper: mainly applied to plant straw and so on. It has the characteristics of large opening, tight compaction and high efficiency of gripping.

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