The Background Of The Birth Of Bulk Cargo Container Rotating Unloading Equipment

The Background Of The Birth Of Bulk Cargo Container Rotating Unloading Equipment

Date:Feb 08, 2018

At present, many cities are designing and building the subway. According to the construction of Metro users and experts, more than two city subway construction, the shield machine discharged sediment, soil, rock and water containing a variety of non-standard materials and so on, not leakage during transportation in the city roads, it is required to use the strength of the purchase is sufficiently large, well closed container type the carriage to transport, but the problem is that, after the box car transport to the destination, if the dump truck lifting mechanism using cylinder unloading, the residue box move freely, rollover force is huge, resulting in the unloading process, the five rules of force and unilateral container turnover, lead to frequent car overturned container and drag head. This requires a large equipment and so on. At the destination of unloading, the container can be separated from the flatbed truck and rotated 360 degrees to remove the residue in the container.

New transport and unloading methods have led to the birth of new transport vehicles and unloading equipment. Such equipment, the name should be called bulk cargo container rotating unloading machine. Such a large equipment, the natural need to be equivalent to a 52 ton block of bulk material as a body, operation characteristics and technical design. As a large operating equipment with key tonnage with core technology, it is impossible to have the following technical requirements.

1, bilateral free control of rotation, more than 65 degrees or more;

2, before the rotation, the fork lift height more than 3620mm;

3, the tilting load needs more than 52 tons.

4, the weight of the whole vehicle needs more than 55000KG.

5, engine power to reach 370 horsepower and gearbox need to reach more than 10 tons loader gearbox, that is, type 400 gearbox;

6, the steering function of the rear axle drive belt is realized, that is to have the steering axle with rated load of over 32 tons.

7, reduce the turning radius effectively.

8. The line of sight of the cargo fork is aimed at the container Jack.

9, solve the problem of moving sight;

10, the huge braking torque requirements, to ensure that the total weight of the whole machine and container to reach 90000KG of the effective braking technology.

Liteng technology team, urgent users, brave to assume the important task of the product design of the times. In 2015 March, to study the device, after two years of research, finally produced LT32TS (32 tons) and LT40TS (40 tons) two large container rotary unloading machine, belonging to the world leading level, marking the development of Chinese logistics equipment and towards a new stage.

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